WPC 56: Series 2

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  • Set in England’s West Midlands in 1956, this continuing BBC period drama series sees WPC Gina Dawson (Jennie Jacques) struggle to make her mark as the first and only police woman on her hometown beat. With some new faces in the station, it’s business as usual as Gina and the men get on with their daily policing duties. However, routine flies out the window when the hunt for a killer draws the team into the criminal underworld run by a ruthless gangster, as dangerous as he is untouchable.. BBC Period Drama following the first Woman Police Constable to serve in England’s West Midlands in 1956


    Cry, Cry, Cry
    The travelling fair comes to Brinford, and the search for a runaway girl draws WPC Gina Dawson into a feud between the fair workers and a gang of teddy boys. Back at the station she struggles to remain professional when Jack makes a shock announcement. Meanwhile, Fenton clashes with the new DI when a dead body is discovered, but is there more to the mystery than either of them realise?

    Dead Man Dancing
    Max and Fenton investigate a flood of counterfeit notes; is it too much of a coincidence that pickpocket Brody's luck has changed? The outcome of the boxing match leaves everyone reeling as Lenny Powell shows his true colours. When the murder investigation stalls, Max puts Gina forward for a risky assignment, but can she pull it off?

    Eye of the Storm
    An undercover operation for Fenton threatens to expose a secret that could ruin Inspector Briggs. Susie takes matters into her own hands when Tommy is bullied by the other officers, and Max finally gets his witness in the murder investigation; now he just needs her to talk. At the Sapphire club, Lenny taunts Chris and Gina struggles with her growing feelings for him. Meanwhile, Rosie and Fenton both make choices that will cost them dearly.

    That Old Devil Called Love
    Coulson's sexual advances on Gina take a sinister turn, Fenton's corruption is exposed and Swift becomes obsessed with Susie's new beau. Max finally makes an arrest for the murders of Rosie and Daniel, but has he got the right man? Gina risks jeopardising everything when trouble at work pushes her towards Chris.

    The Harder They Fall
    Will a chance meeting with a bullied schoolboy give Tommy the push he needs to stand up to Chief Inspector Coulson? A desperate Fenton enlists help from an unlikely party as he goes on a mission to track down Lenny Powell. Gina's world is rocked when the murderer reveals himself, and she has to make a life or death decision to protect Rebecca..