To the Manor Born: The Complete Collection Silver Anniversary Edition

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  • High-class warfare turns hilarious when an aristocratic snob (Penelope Keith, Good Neighbors) must sell her ancestral estate to a millionaire bachelor (Peter Bowles, Perfect Scoundrels). All 20 episodes of the award-winning BBC comedy series.

    . Follow the hysterical misadventures of Audrey fforbes-Hamilton (Penelope Keith, Good Neighbors), formerly Lady fforbes-Hamilton of Grantleigh Manor, and Richard DeVere, the nouveau-riche wholesale foods magnate who purchases Grantleigh after the newly-widowed Audrey finds herself bankrupt. Decamping to the tiny Old Lodge cottage, Audrey keeps a close and disapproving eye on the manor’s new owner. It’s a recipe for absolute hilarity that never loses its freshness. This collection includes all 20 original episodes from the program’s immortal 3-season run plus the 2007 Silver Anniversary Special and a bevy of bonus features! .

    Series 1:


    All New Together

    Going to Church

    Nations of heritage

    The Summer Hunt Ball

    The Grape Vine

    A Touch of Class

    Christmas Special: The First Noel

    Series 2:

    The New Farm Manager

    The Spare Room

    Never Be Alone

    Tramps and Poachers

    The Honours List

    Vive Le Sport

    Series 3:

    The New Scout Hut

    Station Closing

    Horses Vs. Cars

    Birds Vs. Bees


    Connections in High Places

    Back to the Manor

    25th Anniversary Special

    . Penelope Keith (Good Neighbors), Peter Bowles (Perfect Scoundrels)