• Stranger and more terrifying than fiction, this is the true story that inspired Herman Melville’s celebrated novel Moby Dick. On November 20, 1820, in the Southeast Pacific, an enormous 85-foot sperm whale rammed and sank Nantucket whale ship The Essex and set its crew adrift more than a thousand miles from land. Only eight members of the young crew survived starvation, thirst and exposure, rescued at last by British whale ships three months later. The epic story comes vividly to life in this gripping drama, with stunning photography and seamless special effects.. The real story of Moby Dick Herman Melville’s novel Moby Dick is one of the great works of American fiction, a story loved around the world and the inspiration for more than one feature film. But few realise that the book was actually inspired by real life events so exciting, terrifying and tragic that the truth is more amazing than the fiction. On 20 November 1820, 2000 miles off the Pacific coast of South America, an enormous 85 foot (26 metre) sperm whale rammed the whaling ship, The Essex. Within hours the damaged ship sank to the depths. For the young crew on board it was the start of an adventure that was to test them to the very limits of human endurance, encompassing starvation, death and cannibalism. This epic re-telling of the Moby Dick story uses scripted drama, stunning photography and seamless special effects to recreate the story of the young crew of The Essex and their desperate and terrifying struggle to survive.. Cast
    Charles Furness... Tom Nickerson
    Martin Sheen... Tom Nickerson
    Jonas Armstrong... Chase
    Adam Rayner... Captain Pollard
    Jolyon Coy... Lawrence
    Jassa Ahluwalia... Owen Coffin
    David Gyasi... Peterson
    John Boyega... Bond
    Ferdinand Kingsley... Hendricks
    Paul Kaye... Joy
    Chris Starkie... Watson