The Vicar of Dibley: A Holy Wholly Happy Ending

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  • The winner of an International Emmy® Award for Best Comedy Program, The Vicar of Dibley is one of the most popular series ever produced by the BBC.

    . Has the Vicar finally found true romance? Dawn French dons her collar once more for two very special episodes. Co-stars Richard Armitage(Robin Hood, North& South)

    The Handsome Stranger - Gerry is fed up with all the "townies" buying weekend cottages in Dibley - that is, until she meets one particularly charming newcomer. Could he be the one? Or is it Gerry's destiny to end up heartbroken in another 6-foot deep puddle?

    The Vicar in White - After presiding over the marriages of hundreds of other people, it appears Gerry's big day has finally arrived. Appearances can be deceptive, however, especially when the eccentric residents of Dibley are doing the planning!