The Royal Collection

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  • Only the BBC can offer you this exclusive, intimate glimpse into the private and public lives of the royals, from its unique collection of landmark videos. The Coronation of Queen Elizabeth II opens the doors to Buckingham Palace as Britain prepares to show off the beautiful young Queen to the world. Follow the 6-year family saga in Queen Victoria's Children and her tumultuous relationships with her nine offspring, and how Elizabeth's grandparents, George V and Queen Mary, built the enduring House of Windsor in King George. Gain insights into the new generation of royals as you watch Prince William grow up in an era of prying paparazzi in How To Be a Prince. Bonus: Delightful 32-page eyewitness record, in words and pictures, of Coronation Day.

    Episode List

    Queen Victoria's Children

    The Best Laid Plans
    An exploration of Queen Victoria's tempestuous relationship with Prince Albert.

    A Domestic Tyrant
    An examination of Queen Victoria's relationship with her daughters.

    Princes Will Be Princes
    Examination of how Victoria's sons struggled to live up to Prince Albert's model of purity.

    King George and Queen Mary

    King George V
    How the innovations of unlikely moderniser King George V helped rescue the monarchy.

    Episode 2
    Queen Mary always put duty first, but after King George died she took centre stage.

    The Coronation of Queen Elizabeth II
    Highlights from the Queen’s coronation in Westminster Abbey and the subsequent procession through the streets of London to Buckingham Palace. It was made by Rank using Technicolor film and the full version is nearly two hours long.

    How to Be a Prince
    As William will probably be in his fifties by the time he becomes king, part two looks at how best he might occupy his time while he waits for his future job to become vacant. The most important thing he will have to do before then is find a suitable wife to provide him with an heir. He should also find a suitable job in the interim, however, history shows this is usually far from easy to achieve.