The Paradise: Season 2 (Blu-ray)

  • Following the smart, ambitious and big-hearted Denise Lovett, this series begins a year after the dramatic events that saw Moray declare his love for Denise and lose The Paradise after breaking off his engagement to Katherine Glendenning. The spurned Katherine has since married Tom Weston – a mysterious, brooding ex-military man with a troubled history. Although she seems to be starting her life anew, her passion for Moray threatens to draw her back into a love triangle, competing with Denise. Meanwhile, Moray and Denise, still at the forefront of fashion and innovation, are plotting to regain The Paradise from Katherine and her husband – at whatever cost.

    Episode 1
    A year later, Denise and the Paradise are struggling without its charismatic owner Moray.
    Episode 2
    Moray's Parisian friend Clémence brings her fireworks to the Paradise, and sparks fly.
    Episode 3
    When the annual staff outing is cancelled, Denise brings the music hall to the Paradise.
    Episode 4
    Denise realises it can be lonely at the top, and Moray strikes a dangerous deal.
    Episode 5
    The Paradise's display of pocket watches proves a hypnotising attraction.
    Episode 6
    Denise gets to use her business initiative, and hearts are pushed to breaking point.
    Episode 7
    A renowned photographer visits The Paradise and his portraits reveal extraordinary things.
    Episode 8
    Clémence returns to the Paradise and a moment of reckoning forces Moray to risk everything.