The Lord Peter Wimsey Mysteries: The Complete Collection

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  • The Lord Peter Wimsey Mysteries: The Complete Collection.

    Whodunit? Lord knows. Filled with vivid characters, trenchant wit and lavish 192s settings, these five superbly realized original BBC adaptations of Dorothy L. Sayers' crime thrillers star Ian Carmichael (Wives and Daughters) in the series hailed as "eternally appealing" (NPR, Fresh Air). Enjoy the complete collection of corpses, capers and criminals! As seen on Masterpiece. "No crust has ever been more upper, no sleuth more of a hoot"-LA Times. Extras include an interview with Ian Carmichael.

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    Clouds of Witness
    The tranquility of the Wimsey family’s Yorkshire retreat is shattered by a death in the family. Mary Wimsey’s fiancé, Denis, receives a letter that prompts him to flee Riddlesdale Lodge. But he only makes it to the garden, where in the wee hours of the morning, Mary discovers her brother Gerard kneeling over his body. Why both siblings were out for late-night strolls puzzles Lord Peter, who joins the case to prove Gerard’s innocence. It seems that both his siblings are hiding something: Mary fakes a serious illness and Gerard simply refuses to answer questions about the night Denis died.

    The Unpleasantness at the Bellona Club
    When General Fentiman is found dead in his chair at the posh Bellona Club, the cause seems straightforward: a heart attack brought on by old age. Then Lady Dorland, the General’s sister, dies on the same day. Is it a startling coincidence or something more sinister? Called in to investigate, Lord Peter becomes suspicious of the general’s grandson, whose peculiar behavior and whereabouts on the night of the deaths seem incriminating. But these suspicions are overshadowed by the discovery that Miss Dorland, Lady Dorland’s niece, has an abiding interest in poisons.

    Murder Must Advertise
    Lord Peter goes deep undercover at Pym’s Publicity to investigate the suspicious death of a young copywriter following his affair with a wealthy and indolent socialite.

    Five Red Herrings
    When the body of an unpopular artist is found in a stream, it’s up to Lord Peter to determine which of six suspects could have committed the crime.

    The Nine Tailors
    Stranded in a sleepy village after a car accident, Lord Peter quickly stumbles upon a decades-old case of stolen emeralds, unidentifiable corpses, and coded messages.. Cast
    Harriet Walter...Harriet Vane (10 episodes, 1987)
    Edward Petherbridge...Lord Peter Wimsey (10 episodes, 1987)
    Richard Morant...Bunter (10 episodes, 1987)