SS-GB (DVD & Blu-ray Combo)

  • In the espionage-thriller series based on Len Deighton’s best-selling novel, Nazis win the Battle of Britain, execute Churchill, deport Englishmen to work in German factories, put Scotland Yard under SS control and lock the King in the Tower of London. Should Detective Superintendent Douglas Archer fight crime as usual, no matter who’s in power? Or join the British Resistance? When one of Himmler’s top officers takes over an apparently routine murder investigation, Archer plunges into a confusing world of betrayal, violence and international intrigue, filled with wealthy Nazi-collaborators, brilliant scientists, desperate members of the Resistance, and a beautiful American journalist. It’s alternate history at its nail-biting best. 4 1/4 hours on 2 DVDs + 1 Blu-ray Disc. SDH.