Sherlock: Get Sherlock Wallet

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  • While simultaneously unlocking Pentonville Prison, opening the Bank of England’s vault, and stealing the Crown Jewels in “The Reichenbach Fall”, Moriarty scrawls “Get Sherlock” on the glass jewel case. This wallet is stamped with the same phrase, though we can’t guarantee it will bring you the riches of a criminal mastermind. Just trust that the sleek grey wallet will keep your cash and cards held tighter than Moriarty would like!. It won’t take a mastermind sleuth to realize why you’ll want our new bi-fold Sherlock wallet. This 4 1/2" x 3 1/4" wallet is grey and features the iconic smiley face, and practical, with eight slots to hold coins, credit cards, or clues you’ve picked up from the latest crime scene. The only mystery will be which style Sherlock wallet to choose!