Secrets of the Dead: Resurrecting Richard III

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  • Scientists examine the bones of a king known for being an evil tyrant. Find out what the bones of King Richard III reveal about his fitness for battle. When a group of amateur historians set out to find the bones of Richard III under a parking lot in England, everyone thought they were mad. Until, a skeleton — hunchbacked and with an arrow in its spine — emerged. University of Leichester scientists ultimately confirmed the identity of the reviled king through DNA. A series of fascinating, new experiments are now underway, including startling new DNA matches, revelations about his fitness going into battle…and a lucky accident when scientists discover a War of the Roses re-enactor—with matching scoliosis — answering the question, could a king with such a deformed body fight ferociously in battle as the heroic accounts suggest?. In 2011, a group of amateur historians made an incredible archaeological find: the bones of King Richard III, hunchbacked, with an arrow through the spine. Richard is thought of as the most evil king to have ruled England and also as a fearsome warrior, despite the extreme curvature of his spine. Now, scientists are testing the bones to find out more about the king and also conducting fascinating experiments to determine whether Richard could have fought so ferociously in battle with such a severe deformity

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