Secrets of the Dead: King Arthur's Lost Kingdom ONLY 1 REMAINING!

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  • In the fifth century, the future of Britain hung in the balance. After four centuries of Roman occupation and leadership, the Romans up and left, leaving the nation vulnerable to an invading Anglo-Saxon horde - or at least that's what the fragmentary historical texts record. The truth is no one really knows what happened, and this pivotal moment in history has been shrouded in mystery - until now.

    In Secrets of the Dead: King Arthur's Lost Kingdom, Professor Alice Roberts uses exciting new archaeological discoveries to decode the myths and piece together a very different story of this turning point in Britain's history. Key to her quest is the excavation of a stone palace complex on the Tintagel peninsula in Cornwall - long believed to be the birthplace of the King Arthur legend. More than folklore, was Arthur in fact ruler of a prosperous and sophisticated trading village, and the heroic defender of the native Britons against the invading Anglo-Saxons?