Secret History of World War II

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  • These three gripping documentaries explore little-known details of World War II. From daring escapes to the background behind Hitler's rise to power, this set offers a comprehensive examination of the global conflict.. Three riveting documentaries tell untold stories of WWII. Includes Secret War, about Winston Churchill's band of agents, double agents, and triple agents who helped liberate Europe; Narrow Escapes of World War II, stories of heroism in the face of overwhelming odds; and The Rise of the Nazi Party. All were previously available separately.

    Narrow Escapes of World War II
    Secret War
    The Rise of the Nazi Party

    Features commentary from leading historians, military experts, and the participants themselves
    From the producers of the hits Hitler's Bodyguard
    Includes three full documentaries

    BONUS Viewer's guides for each program and profiles of select WWII escapees