Scott and Bailey: Seasons 1 and 2

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  • Scott & Bailey: Season 1 Apart from gender, Detective Constables Janet Scott and Rachel Bailey don't have much in common until they combine forces on Manchester's prestigious Murder Investigation Team. As they solve complex crimes together, their friendship deepens. Now if only they could solve their complex personal lives! An honest, powerful and funny crime drama series.. Scott & Bailey: Season 2 The thrilling investigative drama Scott and Bailey returns for a second season of serious crimes and complex personal struggles. This season Janet and Rachel deal with the brutal murders of two men. At the same time, Janet splits with her husband and struggles to run her family without his support. Rachel is invited to work on a high profile case with her boss DCI Gill Murray. Elsewhere, Rachel’s wayward brother turns up on her doorstep. Can Rachel trust him?. Episode List
    Season 1
    The team are tasked with investigating the murder of 18- year-old Emel Yilmaz, a pregnant girl from Turkey whose murder has been made out to resemble all the hallmarks of a suicide. The team initially suspect her husband, but after the discovery of a long-term affair with a jealous co-worker, Rachel's intuition and memory provides the final clue to nailing Emel's killer. Meanwhile, Rachel is angry at being dumped by married lover Nick, and Janet is approached by an old school friend, Geoff, to reopen a cold case - the murder of his six-year-old sister more than twenty years ago.

    The team are tasked with investigating the murder of housewife Susan Metcalfe, who was followed home from the theatre, brutally raped and then dumped in the boot of her own car in the middle of nowhere. House to house enquiries throw up a possible lead when one of Rachel's interviewees tries to run from her questioning. A search of his house also discovers bloody clothes that are soon linked to another murder. Meanwhile, Rachel discovers she is carrying Nick's child, and Janet, dreading her wedding anniversary party, presses on with the cold case of her slain school friend.

    Personal The team are in court for the trial of Georgios Stelikos, a man accused of the murder of one woman and the rape and torture of another. Many of the team were certain that Stelikos would be found guilty on a sole murder charge, but doubt DCI Murray's actions to throw a rape charge into the mix. When Nick is revealed to be the defending barrister, he uses unofficial information given to him by Rachel, and Rachel is horrified when he escapes conviction. Stelikos is later found dead, and it's up to the team to find his killer. Meanwhile, Rachel suffers a miscarriage.

    The team investigate the disappearance and possible murder of Gary Birkinshaw, after one of his work colleagues reports him missing. His wife, well known porn star Vicky Birkinshaw, is arrested on suspicion of her husband's murder - but the evidence fails to implicate her in any way, and instead points towards her shady new boyfriend and a paedophile who has been having a relationship with her daughter. Meanwhile, Rachel's professional life hangs in the balance when DCI Murray finds out that her relationship with Nick Savage could have put the Stelikos case at risk.

    The team are tasked with investigating the murder of Lynn Stott, a 46-year-old mother who was murdered after attending a swimming club. As the team fail to crack the case, the review squad are brought in to take over. But after noticing that Lynn's murder bears a number of similarities to Veronica Hasting's murder, Janet is given two days leave to move closer to tracking down the killer. When Rachel discovers the killer's identity, Janet is put in grave danger, which results in her being stabbed and critically injured. Rachel finds out about an affair Nick had with a juror.

    Vendetta (Three Months Later)
    Janet returns to work after her recovery, and she is immediately thrown it at the deep end, investigating the shooting of 14-year-old Dylan Holwell who is found with half of his skull blown off in his own living room. As Rachel investigates a possible lead, she is narrowly missed by a fast-moving car, which veers past her, knocking down an innocent girl and crashing into a parked vehicle on the side of the road. She discovers that the driver was an associate of Carl Norris, and that the incident was unquestionably linked to the discovery of Nick's affair with a member of the jury.

    Season 2
    Loyalty (Part 1)
    The badly burnt body of disabled man Darren Rigby turns up in a remote part of Manchester, and a few days later, the corpse of businessman Keith Fleming is discovered. The team start to realise the victims were not just murdered, but tortured too - both were stabbed through the feet with a Phillips screwdriver. As the team make an arrest, it becomes clear their investigation has just scratched the surface. Meanwhile, Janet throws her husband, Ade, out of the house following a row with her mother, and Rachel's estranged brother Dominic turns up on her doorstep.

    Secrets (Part 2)
    The team discover that the body found beside the phone box is none-other than Nadia's brother, Aaron. Using Aaron's death as leverage, the team finally break down the wall of silence maintained by their four murder suspects and uncover the shockingly banal truth behind the killings. But without cast-iron evidence to identify the actual murderers, Gill is forced to charge all four suspects. Meanwhile, Rachel cannot fight her attraction to Sean, but will she regret her actions? Janet tries to keep her private life secret, but Taisie spills the beans to Andy at Rachel's birthday celebrations.

    Pipe Dreams
    Gill and Rachel go to Bristol to advise on a rape and murder case which bears striking similarities to an infamous case from thirteen years ago. At the time of the original investigation, Gill helped catch the perpetrator, Jeremy Leach. Leach was convicted for the rape and murder of four women, but now he is claiming that he is innocent. Another woman has been raped and killed using Leach's exact MO - could the real murderer still be out there? Meanwhile, Rachel catches her brother Dom in a compromising position with another man and advises him to go for an HIV test.

    Sacred Trust
    The team investigate when the body of eight-year-old Dylan Nichols is discovered in a wheelie bin, four days after his initial disappearance. But, as they search for the paedophile killer, they are unaware that the culprit has placed himself at the heart of the child's grieving family. Meanwhile, Dom's HIV test result is negative, but in his relief, he does something stupid which results in Rachel missing her sergeant's exam. Sean thinks that he and Rachel are destined to be together, while Janet is persuaded to give things a go with Andy, but finds herself having doubts over their future.

    The team investigate the brutal, racially motivated murder of a 21-year-old taxi driver, who was killed after picking up fare outside a nearby public house. The trail leads to Darren Walcott, whose mobile phone records show that he telephoned several taxi companies before choosing his victim. Meanwhile, in an interview with Geoff Hastings, Janet learns much more than she bargained for, leaving Rachel to believe that the diaries containing information of his victims are buried in his mother's grave. Meanwhile, Sean pre-books his and Rachel's wedding without her consent.

    The team investigate the murder of teaching assistant Susan Bishop, whose body is found clothed in a policewoman's fancy dress outfit, and her face completely covered in green mould, indicating that she has been dead for some time - despite the fact that the pathologist gives a time of death only two to three days previously. Gill suspects that Susan's lover may be responsible for her death, but there is no shortage of suspects. Meanwhile, Janet confides in Gill about Andy's behaviour after a public outburst in front of the team, and Rachel struggles with Sean's latest surprise.

    The team investigate the murder of 18-year-old student Leon Foster, whose death looks like a typical gang killing at first glance - but the discovery that he was sexually mutilated raises suspicions that his murder could be domestic. Investigating a tight-knit group of friends from his estate, the team discover that the motive behind the murder may be a 'Line- Up' involving a twelve-year-old boy. Meanwhile, Sean surprises Rachel when he tells her that he has been in contact with her estranged mother, and Andy punishes Janet by sidelining her on the investigation into Leon's death.

    Divided Loyalties Superintendent Dodson of Syndicate 3 is tasked with investigating the brutal assault of Nick Savage. Scared and unable to remember what happened, Rachel struggles to convince herself that she did not do it, and at the top of the list of suspects, finds herself desperately scrambling to clear her name. Meanwhile, thinking that she has made peace with Andy, Janet is shocked to discover that he has given her misinformation which causes Gill to miss an appointment. Unable to find out who is responsible Gill tells Janet and Andy that one of them will have to leave the syndicate.

    . Suranne Jones...DC Rachel Bailey
    Rupert Graves...Nick Savage
    Amelia Bullmore...DCI Gill Murray
    Lesley Sharp...DC Janet Scott
    Nicholas Gleaves...DS Andy Roper
    David Prosho...DC Ian Mitchell
    Ben Batt...DC Kevin Lumb
    Delroy Brown...DC Lee Broadhurst
    Daniel Ben Zenou...Gokhan Yilmaz