No Job for a Lady: Complete Collection

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  • Jean Price (Penelope Keith, To the Manor Born) has just been elected Member of Parliament for the left-wing Labour Party. Now her real work begins: getting along with her chauvinist fellow MPs while navigating the Machiavellian world of Westminster. Set includes all three series of the witty 1990s Britcom seen on public television. 9 hrs, 3 DVDs. SDH.. Jean Price (Penelope Keith, To the Manor Born) is a Member of Parliament for the left-wing Labour Party. Her many problems include chauvinist fellow MPs, bloated egotists and an unhappy hubby. Includes 18 episodes of witty parliamentary shenanigans directed by John Howard Davies (Fawlty Towers, Mr. Bean). 'Engaging' —The Washington Post..

    Disc 1: Series One
    Episode One: Who Goes Home?
    Jean tries to make sense of the hectic Parliamentary schedule and still arrive home in time for her husband's birthday.

    Episode Two: The Maiden Over
    Following her heart, Jean breaks tradition in her maiden speech to the House of Commons, and then pays the price.

    Episode Three: There Should Be a Law Against It
    Jean learns there are many ways to bring a bill before the House-and many ways for Parliament to stand in the way of progress.

    Episode Four: Questions, Questions
    While trying to confirm that nuclear waste is being transported through her constituency, Jean confronts a series of dead ends.

    Episode Five: A Member of the Committee
    After joining a Parliamentary committee, Jean learns valuable lessons about double-crossing and the power of the press.

    Episode Six: Take a Copy
    Jean gets into trouble when she uses a confidential document to counter an opposition member's proposals for health-care reforms.

    Disc 2: Series Two
    Episode One: Strange Bedfellows
    Both Jean and another MP want a local news agent to stop selling offensive magazines, but they can't quite agree on what "offensive" means.

    Episode Two: But I Voted for You
    Jean discovers what a vote is worth when constituents approach her for favors; then she faces a moral dilemma in her own neighborhood.

    Episode Three: White Knights
    Trying to make a point about the drug problem in her constituency, Jean acts impetuously and the police come calling.

    Episode Four: Poetic Justice
    When one of Jean's constituents insists that he was wrongly imprisoned, Jean campaigns for his release.

    Episode Five: Undesirable Aliens
    Jean goes to bat for a man about to be deported, but when another MP asks her to do the same for his constituent, she has doubts.

    Episode Six: No Rumour in the Truth
    Rumors are rampant that an important seat in the House may soon be vacant—and that a relatively new member is having an affair.

    Disc 3: Series Three
    Episode One: Hawks and Doves
    Taking a stand on national defense, Jean withholds the portion of her income tax designated for nuclear weapons.

    Episode Two: A Bed for the Night
    Jean wages war on homelessness and invites her fellow MPs to join her in a sleep-out on the chilly Thames embankment.

    Episode Three: Sugar and Spice
    Drawn into a battle over a child custody case, Jean questions her assumptions about manly and womanly behavior.

    Episode Four: I'd Like to See You Do It
    A vote to raise salaries in Parliament leads to a contest between Jean and a wealthy opposition member.

    Episode Five: What Care? What Compensation?
    When constituents ask Jean for help with dire medical problems, she gets social services to act, but the results are not what she expected.

    Episode Six: Lobby Terms
    Disturbed by leaks and rumors, Jean challenges the traditional lobby system of issuing statements to the press.