New Worlds (Blu-ray)

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  • In England, rebel Abe (Jamie Dornan, Fifty Shades of Grey, The Fall) sparks a secret affair with the aristocratic Beth (Freya Mavor, The White Queen) and enlists her help to stoke opposition to the king. In Massachusetts, Ned Hawkins (Joe Dempsie, Game of Thrones), the son of a land baron, falls for plucky frontierswoman Hope (Alice Englert, Beautiful Creatures), but their love affair is swept up by conflicts between natives, ruthless settlers, and agents of the crown.

    This four-part miniseries sets political intrigue, action-packed adventure, and passionate romance against the historical backdrop of the Restoration, all brought to life in stunning location shoots and rich cinematography.

    BONUS Behind-the-scenes featurettes (16 min.), deleted scene (2 min.), and a photo gallery. Disc 1

    Episode 1
    Charles II has been restored to the throne, but England still simmers with political unrest. When renegade Abe jolts aristocrat Beth Fanshawe from her privileged outlook, he changes both their lives irrevocably. In New England, colonists struggle to throw off the crown’s control while waging war against the natives.

    Episode 2
    To avoid the king’s agents in Massachusetts, Ned’s father urges him to flee to England, and Hope faces pressure to marry. In Oxfordshire, Abe and Beth plot to blow up the clay pits run by merciless landowner George Hardwick.

    Approx. 110 min.

    Disc 2
    Episode 3
    Beth’s life in the New World begins inauspiciously, and Ned makes a distressing discovery upon returning to America. Abe joins forces with Colonel Algernon Sidney in England and embarks on a dangerous mission.

    Episode 4
    Ned and Hope reunite and try to hide Beth away from Boston. Abe escapes from his Oxford jail cell and embraces a new path for his revolutionary zeal. With the death of Charles II, new futures open up for both couples.

    BONUS Behind-the-scenes featurettes (16 min.), deleted scene (2 min.), and a photo gallery
    Approx. 123 min., plus bonus