New Tricks: Season 4

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  • Disc 1
    Episode 1: Casualty
    Jack seeks revenge after learning who killed his wife, but his rash actions put the whole team in the hospital. Sandra suspects that a DCI sent to help her is really a spy, and the team pulls together to reinvestigate a suspicious death.

    Episode 2: God's Waiting Room
    Sandra's personal and professional lives collide when her mother takes ill. After finding a perfect nursing home, she learns that a suicide there may have been a murder. Worried, Sandra ignores orders to leave the case alone.

    Episode 3: Ducking and Diving
    An armored van found at the bottom of a lake is linked to an unsolved murder and a man's disappearance. When the team learns that the van was ransacked underwater, Sandra makes a shocking discovery.

    Disc 2
    Episode 4: Nine Lives
    Was a rich old woman murdered, or did she die of natural causes? Much of the evidence disappeared when the body lay undiscovered for two weeks. Meanwhile, the list of suspects includes an angry neighbor and a devoted caregiver.

    Episode 5: Powerhouse
    A suitcase filled with cash found in an attic reopens a 50-year-old murder case. A man was convicted and hanged for the crime, but as the team reexamines the evidence, clues point to a blackmail plot.

    Episode 6: Buried Treasure
    After Brian's dog digs up a human skeleton on the common, a criminal's widow confesses to murder and a local youth worker is suspiciously curious. Tests on the bones lead the team to wonder if the common hides the remains of more victims.

    Disc 3
    Episode 7: Curse of Beauty
    The discovery of a camera and film in a pub toilet sheds light on a 20-year-old murder case. When the film is developed, the detectives find puzzling images. Meanwhile, Brian goes through a dark time, and Gerry feels snubbed by his own daughter.

    Episode 8: Big Topped
    Why did a circus ringmaster die, and where are his feet? Sandra's boss has personal reasons for wanting the case reopened. Sandra also learns more about her father's death 30 years ago and discovers that her team has kept a devastating secret from her.