Natural Born Hustlers ONLY 4 REMAINING!

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  • A visit with the planet’s greatest animal hustlers. Meet the shape shifters, mimics, masters of disguise and illusion, cheats and sneaks in the animal world. From double-crossing cuttlefish to shady squirrels, bearded lady lions, and criminal monkeys, this series reveals the modus operandi of remarkable animals going to elaborate lengths to claw their way to the top. Program 1: Staying Alive Every day of their lives, animals must outwit predators, and they do it using a remarkable array of illusions and devious tricks. Would they lie, cheat or steal from one another to survive? Of course they would! Program 2: The Hunger Hustle Animals the world over have adapted their bodies or behavior in extreme ways to create a tantalizing trap for their prey. It’s the result of millions of years of artful adaptation – all in the name of luring in the next meal. Program 3: Sex, Lies & Dirty Tricks From artful illusions to blatant cheats, some males will do whatever it takes to trick the competition and beguile the girl. Size, style, and skill are all used to best advantage – or faked, if necessary.