Murdoch Mysteries: Season 6 (Blu-ray)

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  • Murdoch Mysteries: Season 6 (Blu-ray). Winner of six Gemini Awards. Bisson (Matrix) as Detective William Murdoch, a police investigator who employs forensic sleuthing to solve Toronto's most dreadful murders. Along with side-kick Constable Crabtree (Jonny Harris) they take on some of Toronto's stickiest - and weirdest - cases. From aircraft piloted by pigs, to consulting with Arthur Conan Doyle to help a young Winston Churchill beat a murder rap, to infiltrating a nudist colony in search of clues, they always get their man. Murdoch's love affair with pathologist-turned-psychiatrist Dr. Julia Ogden, played by Helene Joy, takes a turn for the better, though not without some challenges. Features guest star Thomas Howes (Downton Abbey).