Midsomer Murders: Set 23 (Blu-ray)

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  • Midsomer Murders: Season 23 (Blu-ray). The fictional British county of Midsomer is an idyllic setting which is wracked with appalling violence and a murder rate twice that of London. Add classic British black humor and you’ve got a winner. This set features series star Neil Dudgeon as Detective Chief Inspector John Barnaby and Jason Hughes as his earnest protégé Detective Sergeant Ben Jones in three mysteries: The Dark Rider – where sightings of a headless horseman threaten an aristocratic family; Murder of Innocence – where the return of a murderer to Midsomer sparks a series of revenge killings, until the suspect himself becomes a target; and Death and the Divas – the murder of a journalist evokes memories of a ‘60s film (is life – or death – imitating art?).