Luther 3

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  • Idris Elba returns as John Luther, the near-genius detective waging his own war on crime. This series sees a twisted fetishist targeting young women in London. Luther is convinced the man will strike again, but when the detective is ordered to investigate another case, the chances of catching the killer start to fall. But Luther's biggest threat could be closer to home, when it emerges that his own colleagues are willing to break every rule in the book to bring him down... Elsewhere it looks like Luther might have finally found love again, but is he ready to leave his past behind? Finally, when a vigilante killer embarks on a crusade to punish criminals, Luther is forced to confront his own sense of morality. Can he walk the line between right and wrong and do his job or has he finally met his match?


    Idris Elba (The Wire) won a Golden Globe® for his depiction of John Luther in this smart, riveting psychological thriller from the BBC. In this new mini- series, a twisted fetishist is targeting young women in London, but Luther is called to another case. Will the killer escape? Meanwhile, Luther faces an even bigger threat as members of his own team will stop at nothing to bring him down. Finally, when a vigilante killer takes justice into his own hands, Luther questions his own sense of morality. Can he continue to walk the thin line between right and wrong, or has he finally met his match?

    Passionate, committed and just on the right side of ruthless, John Luther is back stalking the streets of London searching for the evil that lurks among the city’s many dark streets and doorways.

    This series sees a twisted fetishist targeting young women in the capital. The killer has struck once already and Luther is convinced he’s going to kill again and again, until he is caught. But with London’s best detective ordered to investigate another case – the murder of an internet tormentor – the chances of catching him before he strikes again are shrinking.

    A heavy work load is not Luther’s only problem. His life is made doubly complicated when it emerges that his worst enemies are his own colleagues, and they’re willing to break every rule in the book to bring him down… including targeting trusted colleague Ripley. As cracks splinter the foundations of Luther and Ripley’s alliance, will Ripley turn a blind eye to Luther’s antics or will he go on record?

    After years of grief, a chance encounter means that this lonely detective might just be on the verge of finding love… But is Mary Day ready to accept Luther’s past? And can Luther leave it behind?

    When a vigilante killer embarks on a crusade to punish criminals, Luther is forced to confront his own sense of morality. Can he walk the line between right and wrong and do his job or has he finally met his match? Pressure increases from all sides, pushing Luther to his limits – threatening everything which he holds dear.

    Crackling with energy, beautifully shot and packed with tension from the very start, this series sees Luther take a twisted journey as he solves some of the darkest crimes of his career.

    Episode 1
    Luther returns to investigate a twisted fetishist who is murdering women in a horrific echo of an unsolved case from the 1980s. The team must put all their resources into finding the copycat killer, whose murderous spree has only just begun. Luther’s focus is divided when a reluctant Schenk assigns him to another case – a malicious internet tormentor has been found murdered in his home, with all his possessions stripped from the flat. With so many people wanting the tormentor dead, Luther needs to apply brute force to a key witness for more information, unaware that every move he makes is being watched… Pulled in every direction, Luther’s patience is wearing thin and a car crash as he rushes to the second crime scene is the last thing he needs – or so he thinks, until he sets eyes on the beautiful Mary Day. Could this chance encounter mean that Luther might just be on the verge of finding love? But nothing ever comes easily for John Luther and other forces are at work against him, in the shape of Erin Gray, now a DCI in anticorruption, and her boss, DSU Stark. Stark and Gray will stop at nothing to punish those who work outside the perimeters of the law and their furtive plan involves the man who is Luther’s colleague and best friend – DSU Justin Ripley.

    Episode 2
    Luther’s date with Mary and the promise of romance is interrupted by the news of another murder. The killer has struck again; the number of victims is escalating and fast. Faced with the repercussions of their public disagreement, Luther orders Ripley to investigate the Jared Cass murder on his own. Meanwhile he throws himself into a mountain of cold case files, determined to connect the past and present in order to predict the fetishist’s next move. In a care home a cancer-ridden patient, William Carney, eagerly awaits a visitor. It’s the killer, who has a present for Carney – pictures of his spoils and promises of more to come. Ripley has to choose whether to turn a blind eye to Luther’s unorthodox policing or go on record. In turn Gray finds the line between right and wrong is becoming increasingly blurred as Stark’s obsession with Luther deepens. The discovery of an accomplice forces Luther to engage in a nightmarish duel. Can he win this battle of wits in time to prevent the next horror? Elsewhere in London a trio of girls looks forward to a quiet night in, unaware the killer lurks in the shadows of their home.

    Episode 3
    Two young hoodies are shot at close range in what looks like a gangland crime. But when another man dies shortly after, Luther realises that what the three dead men have in common is a criminal record. It looks like a new killer is on the loose – a vigilante with a personal vendetta against all past offenders. When the killer posts a video of himself on line, calling for changes to the public justice system, Luther struggles to control the increased public attention. The killer’s clearly on a mission and it’s only a matter of time before he strikes again. The team struggle to predict who his next target might be with so many potential victims. Luther’s investigation is interrupted by a distraught Mary. She has had a visit from Stark and Gray whose dirty tricks seem to know no bounds. Mary doesn’t know what to think or where to turn but Luther can see that there’s now fear in her eyes where there had been love. Can he convince Mary to trust him again before he’s called to another crime scene? When the killer abducts a known paedophile, he invites the public to decide his victim’s fate. Luther counter attacks with a similar publicity stunt but when it doesn’t go as planned Ripley and Luther find themselves thrown into the middle of an angry mob, baying for a public execution.

    Episode 4
    Marwood makes his vendetta personal – targeting Luther and those closest to him, raining destruction on everything he touches. Stark and Gray arrive just in time to hurry Mary to a secret place, but is her safety really Stark’s priority or is she just a pawn in his game to lure Luther to him? Luther, bereft of friends and support, is left broken when he is accused of crimes he hasn’t committed. But just as his situation seems hopeless, help arrives in the form of an unexpected ally. How can he stop Marwood becoming a public martyr, when he himself is on the run, forced to work outside the law? Luther realises that Marwood’s desire to avenge his wife won’t be satisfied by punishing past offenders in this vigilante campaign - he also wants to punish his wife’s murderer. Luther’s private investigation leads him to discover that Marwood has kidnapped an innocent woman as leverage against the man who killed his wife. Luther confronts Marwood with disastrous consequences. Marwood, feeling that his control has slipped, becomes more unpredictable and dangerous. He wants Luther to suffer the way he has suffered. Suddenly Luther faces losing all that he holds dear and is forced to make an impossible choice. . Cast
    Idris Elba...DCI John Luther (15 episodes, 2010-2013)
    Warren Brown...DS Justin Ripley (15 episodes, 2010-2013)
    Dermot Crowley...DSU Martin Schenk / ... (12 episodes, 2010-2013)
    Michael Smiley...Benny Silver / ... (11 episodes, 2010- 2013)
    Ruth Wilson...Alice Morgan (10 episodes, 2010-2013)
    Paul McGann...Mark North (9 episodes, 2010-2011)
    Nikki Amuka-Bird...DCI Erin Gray / ... (8 episodes, 2011-2013)
    Steven Mackintosh...DCI Ian Reed (7 episodes, 2010)
    Saskia Reeves...DSU Rose Teller (7 episodes, 2010)
    Indira Varma...Zoe Luther (7 episodes, 2010)