Life Story

  • The journey of life is something we can all understand. Like us, animals have to overcome both the struggle to reach adulthood and the unpredictable challenges thrown at them by their environment, their enemies and even their own families.

    Each episode of this captivating series focuses on one stage of life, starting with those crucial first few days and moving through the challenges of the grown up world – from power struggles to the search for a suitable mate – and finally parenthood where survival of their own offspring, their legacy, becomes life’s purpose. Every day these animals face triumph, tragedy, humour and joy.

    Life Story brings their experience to the screens in minute detail, showcasing their strength and fascinating ingenuity and bringing the drama and tension of the natural world to life.


    Episode 1 – First Steps

    Each and every animal is born with a chance: to survive, thrive and produce their very own next generation. The first hurdle in life is infancy. Vulnerable, naïve but determined, some young animals face their biggest challenges in the first few days of life. How a creature fares at the very beginning is the foundation upon which their future success depends.

    Episode 2 – Growing Up

    On reaching adulthood the moment comes when animals must strike out on their own. Without their parents they must learn to survive in a dangerous world. At this stage of life every small success may mean the difference between life and death.

    Episode 3 – Home

    To survive, animals need somewhere to live; a place that provides the necessities of life, shelter from the elements and a refuge from enemies. Good homes are rare and competition can be intense – finding a home is one thing, but defending it is quite another.

    Episode 4 – Power

    An individual’s life journey interweaves with many others. Those who are successful know when to fight or back down, when to cooperate or to go it alone and how to manipulate and deceive. Power is the ultimate prize: animals will use any means to rise through the ranks and give themselves a chance of winning the game of life.

    Episode 5 – Courtship

    Competition to win a partner has created some of the most extraordinary beauty and life- threatening violence anywhere in nature. Dazzling colours, elaborate dances and powerful weapons are all ways to attract and defend a mate. The stakes could not be higher: without a mate, the journey of life ends here... sometimes literally.

    Episode 6 – Parenthood

    With the final challenge of life’s journey comes the chance to win nature’s only prize - continuing the family line through the next generation. Successfully raising offspring is the next best thing to immortality. But it’s far from easy... Some parents must risk their own lives for their offspring.