Last of the Summer Wine: Vintage 2006

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  • Uncork the aging effervescence of the Yorkshire Dale’s famously merry men and women. Sometimes sober, sometimes not, they exercise a suit of armor to get rid of the squeaks, challenge a legless man to a bicycle race, and cross-dress with hilariously disastrous results. Barry misses his midlife crisis. Howard panics at a stern voice from on high. And someone’s singing “Happy Birthday” in the back of the hearse. Party on with comedy kings Peter Sallis, Frank Thornton, Keith Clifford and more great British comedy stars in the world’'s longest running sitcom.

    Follow That Bottle
    How to Remove a Cousin
    Has Anyone Seen Barry’s Mid Life Crisis?
    Genuine Outdoors Robin Hood Barbie
    Barry in Danger From Reading and Aunt Jessie
    Who’s that Merry Man with Billy Then?
    Who’s that Talking to Lenny?
    Oh Look! Mitzy’s Found her Mummy
    Plenty of Room in the Back
    2006 Christmas Special: A Tale of Two Seaters