Last of the Summer Wine: Vintage 1998

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  • The world's longest-running sitcom returns with more antics from everyone's favorite delinquents - Compo, Clegg and new friend, Truly. After seeing their gloomy old school friend, the trio is determined to stay active and adventurous and even attempt to relive a childhood tradition of rolling down a hill. Romance is in the air when Truly's childhood sweetheart returns to the village and, in yet another misguided attempt, Compo tries to impress Nora Batty by taking up skydiving. You won't want to miss this season of Last of the Summer Wine!

    Episode List
    Beware of the Oglethorpe
    Howard is roaming free in the village despite Pearl's efforts to keep him occupied at home. The Cafe has a mysterious patron. Wesley is creating another machine.

    Tarzan of the Towpath
    One of Howard's "messages" is accidentally delivered to the wrong woman. Compo wants to prove that he can still do the things that he did as a nine year old.

    Truly and the Hole Truth
    Mr. Truely wants his name in the paper so he wanders through the village with Compo and Clegg looking for someone to save. Howard dresses to go "fishing", or so he told Pearl.

    Oh Howard, We Should Get One of Those
    Truly teaches Compo couples dance moves to impress Nora Batty. The ladies are sneaking around with bun tins. Wesley creates another weird machine. Auntie Wainwright puts a sandwich board on Eli and sends him to walk about the village.

    The Suit That Attracts Blondes
    Edie is angry with Wesley for giving her inappropriate gifts. Compo says that he will give Nora Batty one last chance to make him number one in her life. Glenda gives away Barry's tan suit, which ends up on Compo. Howard has a new disguise idea to be with Marina.

    The Only Diesel Saxophone in Captivity
    Compo meets a childhood rival and blackmails him into competitions they did when they were eleven. Auntie Wainwright sells Barry a saxophone with a weird case.

    Perfection - Thy Name Is Ridley
    Compo is upset when Nora Batty cleans house for a strange man. When Wesley messes up Edie's car Compo fixes it.

    Nowhere Particular
    Howard buys a "secret" van, that everyone knows about. Truely thinks that Clegg is paying too high a tax so he drags Clegg to a council meeting. Auntie Wainwright has Smiler deliver a truck load of junk (in a hand cart) that the recipient did not order.

    From Audrey Nash to the Widow Dilhooley
    Marina has put Howard on notice, she is looking for a stable relationship. Wesley unveils his latest vehicle. Nora and Ivy go to the bus station to meet an old friend.

    Support Your Local Skydiver
    Nora Batty has received a mysterious postcard that is driving Compo to distraction. Wesley is developing another Franken-vehicle and wants Barry as a test pilot. Howard tells Pearl that he is going out to live off the land... until tea time (with Marina). Truly makes a deal with Auntie Wainwright to benefit her and Compo..

    Michael Aldridge...Seymour
    Peter Sallis...Clegg
    Bill Owen...Compo
    Kathy Staff...Nora Batty
    Jane Freeman...Ivy
    Jean Alexander...Auntie Wainwright
    Thora Hird...Edie
    Gordon Wharmby...Wesley
    Juliette Kaplan...Pearl
    Robert Fyfe...Howard
    Sarah Thomas...Glenda
    Mike Grady...Barry
    Jean Fergusson...Marina