Last of the Summer Wine: Vintage 1997

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  • Compo, Clegg, and Howard relive a childhood tradition of rolling down a hill instead of walking, but the game takes a nauseating turn. And Compo's latest attempt to romance Nora Batty has an inventive new twist. Perhaps skydiving will impress her. Eleven wonderfully gentle comic episodes from the world's longest-running sitcom. 5½ hours on 2 Discs. SDH.

    Episode List
    The Love Mobile
    Auntie Wainwright sells Smiler a tandem bicycle as incentive for him to sell it to someone else. A vindictive, argumentative couple with a mobile lonely hearts office in a caravan breakdowns outside the village. Wesley, Foggy, Norman and Compo try to assist. Howard devises a new way to be alone with Marina.

    A Clean Sweep
    Howard's fears that there may be a spider hiding in his cap affects his relationship with Marina. A lucky wedding chimney sweep is down on his luck and depressed. Foggy insists on being his manager. Norman and Compo follow along to watch.

    The Mysterious C.W. Northrop
    Smiler has a crush on Ivy and sends a note from the heart signed with a fictitious name. The ladies morning coffee group decides to hunt down the note writer.

    A Double for Howard
    The men take their pleasure tormenting a salesman by steering him toward women that they know will give him trouble. Howard again attempts to shake Pearl off his adulterous trail.

    How to Create a Monster
    Pearl has confiscated Howard's bicycle. Smiler's job as lollipop man proves to be dangerous so Auntie Wainwright sells protective clothing to him. Foggy attempts to cure Norman of his Auntie-Wainwright-phobia. Barry tries to hide his new car from the in-laws.

    Deviations with Davenport
    Foggy, Norman and Compo meet a man writing a guide book for walkers. Foggy claims to know the area like the back of his hand, then promptly gets them completely lost. Wesley refuses to hire a minibus to transport the ladies on their outing, so he ties swiveling office chairs to an open trailer hooked to his land rover.

    According to the Prophet Bickerdyke
    Glenda forces Barry to ask Wesley to "listen" to the car engine. Foggy, Norman and Compo meet a man who is obsessed with an end of the world prophecy. Auntie Wainwright send Smiler out to stalk a customer that escaped her shop without purchasing anything.

    Next Kiss Please
    Compo bets Foggy that he can get a kiss, willing given from Nora Batty. They go to Auntie Wainwright to purchase a camera to be sure that Compo will not cheat to win the bet.

    Destiny and Six Bananas
    Compo convinces Nora Batty to accompany him to the Citizens Advice Bureau on a personal matter. Foggy, Norman and Compo meet a stranger who is exhausted from running through the woodland where he has seen "something". Foggy organizes a Yorkshire safari seeking giant apes. There is something smoking in Wesley's shed.

    A Sidecar Named Desire
    Barry is angry with Wesley for ruining his car. Howard drills a hole into Normans wall. Compo makes a deal with Auntie Wainwright for a motorcycle and side car to give Nora Batty a ride. Rumor has it that Marina has received an offer of marriage.

    There Goes the Groom
    Compo, Clegg and Truly chase a reluctant groom all through the village and beyond to stop him from escaping his wedding. Meanwhile, hungover best man Barry is frantically trying to locate the missing wedding ring..