Last of the Summer Wine: Vintage 1991

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  • Ah, what a year! Once again, the vintage threesome are up to their old tricks. Compo is as smitten as ever with Nora, but Foggy is back working on his crackpot inventions-and poor Clegg is dragged into their mischief-making plots even though he knows better. All six episodes, plus the Christmas Special Situation Vacant.

    Episode List
    Quick, Quick, Slow
    Smiler is lodging with Nora Batty, much to Compo's annoyance.

    Give Us a Lift
    When Compo complains that the local hill is too steep for him, Foggy has Wesley rig up a chairlift.

    Was That Nora Batty Singing?
    Compo becomes convinced that Nora Batty and Smiler are lovers.

    Cash Flow Problems
    Compo is skint yet again. He suddenly remembers an old friend who owes him money, and the trio set out to find him.

    Passing the Earring
    Howard asks Clegg to return an earring Marina left at the house before Pearl finds it.

    Pole Star
    Compo takes up pole-vaulting.