Last of the Summer Wine Collection Set

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  • Share the fun as three lovable senior delinquents enjoy the simple pleasures of being unemployed in the beautiful Yorkshire Dales. Who else would try to return a bike purchased in 1946, launch a suspicious- looking wonder- cleaner on an unsuspecting public, and take an invalid friend on an all too final frolic? The rascals are ready for romance, too! This long- running series will steal your heart with its whimsical charm, gentle humor and picturesque setting.

    From the creator of Keeping Up Appearances.

    Includes the episodes: The Last of the Summer Wine, Spring Fever, The New Mobile Trio, Hail Smiling Morn or Thereabouts, Forked Lightning, Who's That Dancing with Nora Batty Then?, The Changing Face of Rural Balmire and Getting Sam Home (feature-length film)

    . Episode List
    Spring Fever
    Compo starts acting strangely, including cleaning his house and cleaning himself up as well.

    The New Mobile Trio
    Clegg gets it in his mind to buy a car but he has to get past the tractors first.

    Hail Smiling Morn or Thereabouts
    Inspired by a local art show of photography, the Trio decide to go camping and take some artful photos of their own.

    Forked Lightning
    Clegg is having difficulties with his bicycle and even more so trying to get it fixed. Finally Sid takes a look and we are treated to a "Summer Wine" version of "Butch Cassidy & The Sunshine Kid"

    Who's That Dancing with Nora Batty Then?
    Two new librarians arrive and are bent on keeping the morality of the library ... And Compo's neighbor Sylvia is moving to Australia, and Compo sees an opportunity to get his arms around Nora without risking getting hit

    The Changing Face of Rural Blamire
    Thinking they have to much free time on their hands the trio decides to find some kind of occupation. They come across a dodgy bankrupted dealer who persuades them to sell his new product, with disastrous results, particularly for Blamire.

    Getting Sam Home
    Three old chums agree to take the ailing Sam on one last trip to see his flousy girl-friend, Lily Bless Her, in the middle of the night. While enjoying the delights of Lilly, Sam departs for another world with a very happy smile on his face. The problem for his pals is how to get Sam back home before morning without his wife awakening.. Cast
    Peter Sallis...Clegg / ... (295 episodes, 1973-2010)
    Jane Freeman...Ivy (274 episodes, 1973-2010)
    Kathy Staff...Nora Batty / ... (246 episodes, 1973-2008)
    Robert Fyfe...Howard / ... (230 episodes, 1985-2010)
    Juliette Kaplan...Pearl / ... (226 episodes, 1985-2010)
    Jean Fergusson...Marina (216 episodes, 1985-2010)
    Sarah Thomas...Glenda / ... (215 episodes, 1986-2010)
    Bill Owen...Compo / ... (186 episodes, 1973-2008)
    Jean Alexander...Auntie / ... (168 episodes, 1988-2010)
    Mike Grady...Barry / ... (161 episodes, 1986-2010)
    Thora Hird...Edie / ... (152 episodes, 1986-2003)
    Gordon Wharmby...Wesley / ... (139 episodes, 1982-2002)
    Frank Thornton...Truly / ... (135 episodes, 1997-2010)
    Stephen Lewis...Smiler / ... (135 episodes, 1988-2007)