Jonathan Creek: Season 2

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  • The crime-solving odd couple is back! Jonathan (Alan Davies, QI, The Brief)—windmill-dwelling, frizzy-headed, tennis-shoed magic expert and amateur sleuth extraordinaire—and investigative journalist Maddy Magellan (Carloine Quentin, Blue Murder, Men Behaving Badly) solve six more mysteries by fusing hard evidence with inspiration and intellect. In Season 2, killers appear to evaporate in a puff of smoke, make time stand still and escape like ghosts. See if you can solve the illusions in this BAFTA Award winning series.. Jonathan and Maddy solve puzzles and tackle bizarre mysteries by fusing hard evidence with illusion and intellect. The pair continue their crime-solving missions in Series Two when they investigate a man who has the power to stop time, and search for clues regarding the deaths of a young woman and a judge. From baffling cases to bizarre suspects, the answer always lies in illusion.

    In the first series, Jonathan teamed up with unorthodox investigative writer Maddy Magellan, played by Caroline Quentin, and with Maddy’s inquiring mind and Jonathan’s ability to “think round corners”, they solved a series of seemingly impossible crimes for which there were no apparent rational explanations. The second series begins on Halloween when a best-selling author is killed by a ghost.As Jonathan Creek is busy counselling his boss, Maddy sets out into a world of horror and ghosts to solve the crime. The pair continue their crime-solving missions when they meet a man who has the power to stop time. Either that or he can exist in two places at the same time.The evidence, however, fails to point to anything conclusive. Jonathan Creek tries to beat a theatre critic at his own game by not revealing how a priceless painting has been stolen from the galler y. How did he solve the crime and why is he being so coy? A “badger watch” is also the night of a young woman’s death. In this two-part episode, Jonathan and Maddy search for clues as to how she was murdered by a dead man. And finally, the series concludes with a case that baffles Jonathan and Maddy to their limits.A high court judge is found dead in his room – a room that was guarded by officers.With one piece of evidence in his possession, Jonathan somehow finds himself solving crimes that happened 50 years ago. Each episode solves puzzles and tackle mysteries by fusing hard evidence with illusion and intellect.From baffling cases to bizarre suspects,the answer always lies in illusion.. Episode One – Danse Macabre
    Best-selling author Emma Lazarus, popularly known as “The Queen Of Horror”,has been shot through the heart at the Cotswolds home of her daughter, Lorna Claithorne. But the date is October 31 – Halloween – and this is no ordinary murder. Inexplicably, the mystery killer has apparently evaporated like a puff of smoke, right in front of everyone’s eyes. In the words of Lorna’s husband,The Reverend Stephen Claithorne:“Some miracles you don’t want to believe in.”
    Maddy Magellan is called in to shed light on the problem, but quickly realises this a case for a specialist.This time, however, Jonathan Creek is too busy sorting out the love life of his boss, magician Adam Klaus, to be of much help. For the moment, at least, Maddy is on her own as her inquiries take her deep into a world of Gothic horror, reincarnation and disappearing skeletons…
    Guest Stars Meg Davies, Pippa Haywood and Peter Davison

    Episode Two – Time Waits for Norman
    Businessman Norman Stangerson is a temporophobic, unable to relax whenever there is a watch or a clock ticking near him, reminding him that,with every second that passes,his life is slowly ebbing away.This little eccentricity apart, his life appears to be running smoothly.After the collapse of his partnership a few years ago, he has landed a lucrative job commuting across the Atlantic and his marriage to his glamorous publisher wife Antonia could not be happier.
    But all that is to change one day when a stranger arrives at their house with some startling information – information that could only be true if Norman Stangerson had somehow miraculously caused time to stand still.The man is clearly mistaken. Or is he? The further investigative journalist Maddy delves into the evidence, the more bizarre and apparently contradictory it all becomes.Can a man be in two places at the same time? And what is the secret behind the strangely cryptic message found inside Norman’s wallet? Only time and some shrewd detective work by Jonathan Creek will tell…
    Guest stars Dermot Crowley and Deborah Grant

    Episode Three – The Scented Room
    When a £1m painting is cut from its frame and stolen by an “invisible” thief, Jonathan Creek seizes the chance to launch a personal vendetta against its owner. Theatre critic Sylvester Le Fley – loathed the length and breadth of Shaftesbur y Avenue – has just had a priceless art treasure stolen from his country retreat, Cicada Park. El Greco’s Kiss Of Judas – the pride of his collection – has impossibly vanished from an empty, air-tight room… spirited away by an unseen intruder who appears to have been able to walk through walls. A classic problem, then, for illusionist’s consultant Jonathan Creek and one that doesn’t appear to tax his deductive powers for more than a few minutes.
    But if Le Fley and his lovely wife, Lady Teresa Cutler, now expect all to be revealed,they can think again.“I know exactly how your painting disappeared, Mr Le Fley,” says Creek.“I’m just not going to tell you.” Maddy is furious. Is Creek seriously prepared to turn down a £50,000 reward just to get his own back on a reviewer who described his last magic show as “a ragbag of charmless chicanery, ill-conceived by witless tricksters who appear to confuse mystery with misery”?
    Guest stars Bob Monkhouse and Christine Kavanagh

    Episode Four – The Problem at Gallows Gate (Part One)
    Creek and Maddy face another impossible murder mystery when Adam Klaus’sister witnesses a young woman being strangled in the window of a country cottage in the woods. A visit to the UK by legendary jazz trumpeter “Blind” Hewie Harper is a rare treat indeed and his itinerary will naturally include a call on his good friend,master magician Adam Klaus.A night of hell-raising with the “Rat-Pack” is in prospect and, with luck, the King Of Cool will even be persuaded to guest-star on Klaus’ forthcoming TV special. But there is a problem. Klaus’ decidedly uncool sister Kitty, from Dumfries, has descended on the house like a Plague of Egypt, threatening to scupper her brother’s plans and reduce him to a quivering wreck.As ever, creative consultant Jonathan Creek is given the job of damage limitation, and Kitty is duly removed from the premises for the night, to join Maddy and Creek on a Badger Watch organised by the local natural history society.
    But during the course of a long, cold night in the woods, Kitty is to see more than a few badgers as, once again, Jonathan Creek is plunged into a seemingly-impenetrable murder mystery that is to begin and end at the lonely country village of Gallows Gate.
    Guest stars Stuart Milligan, Clarke Peters and Jennifer Piercey

    Episode Five – The Problem at Gallows Gate (Part Two)
    How was a beautiful young woman murdered by a man who had himself committed suicide a few weeks earlier? After a long, intimidating night being grilled by detectives at the local constabulary, Jonathan Creek and Maddy take stock of the bizarre and fairly baffling facts in the case before them.Three weeks after wealthy socialite Duncan Proctor hurled himself to his death at his ancestral home in Northumberland,he was apparently seen, by Adam Klaus’ sister Kitty, strangling animator Felicity Vale in the window of her country cottage in Gallows Gate.When Maddy and Creek arrived to find her body lying in the bath, the house was locked from the inside, and there were several tantalising pieces of evidence.
    Eager to find out how a woman could be murdered by a ghost, Maddy drags Creek back to the scene of the cri m e, to interview Felicity’s house-mate, osteopath Clare Sallinger. F u rther astonishing developments lead Maddy to the v i c t i m ’s fo rmer love r, Neville Bru c e, and his new fi a n c é e, K i ko. But it is to Nort h u m b e rland they must fi n a l ly trave l , i n search of a solution to the my s t e ry. A solution that proves even stranger than either of them could have imagined.
    Guest stars Alistair Pe t r i e, Je n n i fer Pierc ey, Annabel Mullion, Jessica Lloy d, Stephen Billington a n d A kemi Otani

    Episode Six – Mother Redcap
    H ow was a High Court judge stabbed to death in his own bed in a room nobody could possibly have entered or left? As a trial of leading Chinese gangsters nears its close, a major security operation is under way at the home of the presiding judge, Forest Sweetland. On the eve of sentencing, a death threat has been received from the defendants’ associates, declaring the judge will be dead by the morning.
    Despite a wall of police protection,Sweetland is found at 6am on the floor beside his bed,stabbed to death through the heart.An assailant would have had to pass the officers on duty to enter the room.With no clues to work from, except a torn, dirty fingernail that was found in the carpet,Detective Chief Inspector Ken Speed enlists the specialist services of Jonathan Creek – but even he is hard pressed to make sense of the totally-illogical evidence… Why did the post mortem on the judge’s injuries suggest he had put up no resistance, when he had clearly lurched out of bed,knocking all the items off his bedside table? And how does one explain the time of the digital clock which, according to his wife, had gone backwards? Before Creek can begin to explain Sweetland’s murder, he realises he must solve the puzzle of a series of baffling deaths that happened 50 years ago in a pub called the Mother Redcap.
    Guest stars Leonard Kavanagh and Brian Murphy . Starring Alan Davies (Bob and Rose), Caroline Quentin (Men Behaving Badly, Kiss Me Kate)