Jeeves & Wooster: Complete Collection

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  • Stephen Fry (24) is the brilliant and unflappable “gentleman's gentleman,” Hugh Laurie (House) his eligible but dim master in these sparkling adaptations of P.G. Wodehouse's beloved stories. The complete collection includes all four series and 23 episodes, originally seen on Masterpiece in the mid-1990s. Each is a delightful misadventure in which Jeeves saves Bertie from himself. . Starring Hugh Laurie (House, M.D.) and Stephen Fry (V for Vendetta, The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug), this award-winning television series is based on P.G. Wodehouse's timeless tales about a boneheaded aristocrat and his brilliant valet..

    Disc 1 (Series 1)
    Episode 1: Jeeves Takes Charge Under pressure from his aunt Agatha, Bertie seems doomed to head to the altar with Honoria Glossop. But his faithful servant Jeeves concocts an ingenious plan to ensure that Bertie is spared from the horror of matrimony.

    Episode 2: Tuppy and the Terrier While Bertie decides to propose to the frivolous Bobbie, his friend Tuppy embarks on an affair with an unsuitable opera singer, despite Aunt Dahlia's disapproval. Soon, Jeeves has Bertie singing to the rafters to land Tuppy in hot water.

    Episode 3: The Purity of the Turf Lord and Lady Wickhammersley invite Bertie to Twing Hall, where he attends a village fête with his friend “Bingo” Little. Although Lady Wickhammersley is adamantly opposed to gambling, Bertie and Bingo bet on some of the games, forcing Jeeves to save them.

    Disc 2 (Series 1)
    Episode 4: The Hunger Strike Aunt Dahlia insists that Bertie distribute the prizes at the Market Snodsbury Grammar School. Meanwhile, newt devotee Gussie Fink-Nottle has found a new love, a woman named Madeline Bassett, and he asks Bertie for help winning her.

    Episode 5: Brinkley Manor As Bertie tries to reconcile one couple—Angela and Tuppy—he also plots to bring Gussie and Madeline together at the Market Snodsbury School Prize Day. When his plans go awry, Jeeves must come to the rescue.

    Disc 3 (Series 2)
    Episode 1: Jeeves Saves the Cow-Creamer Aunt Dahlia sends Bertie on a mission to bring down the price of an antique silver cow- creamer. Bertie's help is also required to save Gussie's engagement to Madeline, but his efforts backfire in both cases.

    Episode 2: A Plan for Gussie Feeling intimidated, Gussie seeks advice about his wedding speech. Stephanie, meanwhile, blackmails Bertie into participating in a scheme to win her father's approval of her fiancé. As usual, Jeeves must extricate Bertie from his predicament.

    Episode 3: Pearls Mean Tears Summoned to Westcombe-on-Sea by his aunt Agatha, Bertie is introduced to “nice, quiet girl” Aline Hemmingway. When the forgetful Biffy turns up looking to recover from the heartbreak of losing—quite literally—his fiancée, Bertie intervenes in the affair.

    Disc 4 (Series 2)
    Episode 4: Jeeves in the Country Bertie's trombone playing compels Jeeves to hand in his notice. Cash-strapped Chuffy concocts a plan to sell Chuffnell Hall to a wealthy American, D. Washburn Stoker, and romance his daughter, Pauline.

    Episode 5: Kidnapped! Bertie plays bodyguard to Pauline Stoker since she suspects a mysterious man is following her. When D. Washburn Stoker runs into a roadblock for his plan to turn Chuffnell Hall into a hotel, Pauline comes up with a new use for the building.

    Episode 6: Jeeves the Matchmaker Bertie's paternal feelings come to the fore, but Jeeves reminds him that marriage usually precedes fatherhood. As Bertie contemplates a baby Wooster, his friends fall in love with some less-than-suitable women.

    Disc 5 (Series 3)
    Episode 1: Bertie Sets Sail Facing the wrath of Honoria Glossop and Aunt Agatha, Bertie and Jeeves escape to New York. Unfortunately, Bertie is saddled with the task of looking after Wilmot Malvern, a sheltered and clingy young man.

    Episode 2: The Full House Jeeves devises solutions to the family troubles confronting Rocky and Bicky that work wonderfully at first. Then relatives of both friends arrive in New York, and Jeeves, Rocky, and Bicky must hustle to keep up their respective charades.

    Episode 3: Introduction on Broadway Cyril Bassington-Bassington gets shipped off to New York because his mother disapproves of his theatrical friends in England. Once stateside, Cyril defies his mother's wishes and lands a role in a Broadway play, prompting Bertie to step in.

    Disc 6 (Series 3)
    Episode 4: Right Ho, Jeeves When Gussie lands intro trouble after a wild night with Catsmeat Potter-Pirbright, Bertie must assume his identity to help Gussie obtain the aunts' approval of his engagement to Madeline.

    Episode 5: Hot off the Press Sir Watkyn Bassett is writing his memoirs—and everyone in his social circle fears what he might reveal. Bertie's new fiancée, Lady Florence Craye, wants Bertie to steal the memoirs before they can be published, but the escapade quickly gets out of hand.

    Episode 6: Comrade Bingo Aunt Dahlia employs Bertie in an underhanded job at Marsham Manor, where Madeline is also staying. As Bertie deals with the women at the manor, Bingo Little gets into a sticky situation of his own.

    Disc 7 (Series 4)
    Episode 1: Return to New York Having returned to New York, Bertie falls in love with an artist and commissions her to paint a portrait. When Aunt Agatha puts Bertie in charge of his cousins Claude and Eustace, Jeeves must save the day once again.

    Episode 2: The Once and Future Ex As Bertie tries to mastermind the meeting of two tycoons, he also deals with the very different attentions of Lady Florence Craye and her intended, “Stilton” Cheesewright.

    Episode 3: Bridegroom Wanted! Honoria Glossop and her parents come to New York. Upon finding out that Blair Eggleston is in love with Honoria, Bertie gives Blair a push in the right direction. But he may have shoved him a little too hard.

    Disc 8 (Series 4)
    Episode 4: The Delayed Arrival Jeeves finds that his skills are in high demand as he helps Aunt Dahlia repossess a necklace she sold, tends to Percy Gorringe and his love troubles, and advises Bertie on his newly grown mustache.

    Episode 5: Trouble at Totleigh Towers Gussie and Madeline stumble in their march to the altar, and Bertie seeks out an African artifact that the residents ofTotleigh Towers believe is cursed.

    Episode 6: The Ties That Bind As his social circle teeters towards matrimony, Bertie hopes he's been spared at last from enduring that institution—but the women of his acquaintance may have other ideas. Jeeves, meanwhile, desperately searches for the missing Ganymede Club book, which contains all the valets' secrets about their employers.