Jamestown: Season 3

  • It's boom time in Jamestown and Virginia promises riches and freedom for the English settlers. Jocelyn's destroyed plantation may have regrown but old feuds remain; she plans revenge, but Yeardley will not be dislodged without a fight. Profits in the colony bring the watchful eye of the King of England to focus on Jamestown, and the arrival of an enigmatic man in town forces many to attempt to cover the tracks of their past indiscretions. Amongst the conflict, love grows, and even Jocelyn is presented with a future she never thought possible.

    Maria, Pedro, and their fellow Angolans fight to find a place for themselves in the colony, but can no longer deny the tyranny they live under and the unspeakable reality of what this means for their future. The Sharrows have formed a deep connection with the Native Americans; Henry has taken a Pamunkey wife, and Silas lives with them in exile. His friendship with the warrior Chacrow is tested and he finds himself at the center of the gravest clash between the English and the Native Americans. These conflicts herald a new chapter in Virginia's history which will shape the New World for centuries to come.