Inspector Lewis: Pilot Through Series 6

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  • Inspired by the Inspector Morse novels of Colin Dexter. Inspector Robert Lewis (Kevin Whately) steps out of the shadow of his mentor—the inimitable Inspector Morse (John Thaw)—in this highly-acclaimed series of 27 intricate mysteries. Together with his brooding, inscrutable partner, Detective Sergeant James Hathaway (Laurence Fox), they take on the elite criminal underworld of Oxford, England, relying on Lewis’ instinct and Hathaway’s intellect to see past appearances and into the hearts of their upper-crust foes. This set contains all 27 mysteries through Series 6: the series pilot episode; Whom the Gods Would Destroy; Old School Ties; Expiation; And the Moonbeams Kiss the Sea; Music to Die For; Life Born of Fire; The Great and the Good; Allegory of Love; The Quality of Mercy; The Point of Vanishing; Counter Culture Blues; The Dead of Winter; Dark Matter; Your Sudden Death Question; Falling Darkness; Old Unhappy Far Off Things; Wild Justice; The Mind Has Mountains; The Gift of Promise; The Soul of Genius; Generation of Vipers; Fearful Symmetry; The Indelible Stain; Down Among the Fearful; The Ramblin’ Boy; Intelligent Design. Special Features: One hour of bonus video includes “The Making of...” and an interview with Kevin Whately.

    . Fans of British mystery writing will love this collection of Inspector Lewis television dramas written by Colin Dexter. Set and filmed primarily in Oxford, England, Inspector Lewis stars Kevin Whately as Detective Inspector Robert Lewis, and Laurence Fox as his cool, calculating partner, Detective Sergeant James Hathaway. Together with Clare Holman as Forensic Pathologist Laura Hobson, they tackle murder and mayhem in the seemingly idyllic academic haven of Oxford. Lewis is a workaholic, often relying on his remarkable intuition, while Hathaway is the more learned of the two, often using obscure facts and information to help the pair solve cases. It is said that no one makes better mysteries than the British; and Inspector Lewis proves it!. Episode List
    Season 1
    Whom the Gods Would Destroy
    A Middle-aged Oxford graduate turns up dead, sending Lewis and Hathaway to discover a twisting trail rife with literary allusions and unexpected associations.

    Old School Ties
    Assigned to chaperone a celebrity criminal on his controversial visit to Oxford, Lewis thinks the assignment is a waste of time. Soon, though, two people are dead, and Lewis and Hathaway have their hands full.

    When an Oxford "soccer mom" is found hanged in her home following a visit from a mysterious stranger, Lewis and Hathaway uncover a web of family and sexual intrigue.

    Season 2
    And the Moonbeams Kiss the Sea
    Faced with stolen rare books and two murders, Lewis and Hathaway connect the crimes to a gambling support group and two painters. But can they stop a killer in time?

    Music to Die For
    The world of no-rules boxing and Cold War intrigue surround the death of a prominent Oxford figure. Consequences from the investigation hit Lewis close to home.

    Life Born of Fire
    A serial killer is targeting a religious group. As Lewis investigates, he is surprised to find Hathaway's personal connections to the group.

    The Great and the Good
    The prime suspect in the assault of a teenage girl has a seemingly watertight alibi from three pillars of the Oxford community.

    Allegory of Love
    Literary whimsy becomes murderous reality with the death of a Czech barmaid and two puzzling clues at the crime scene: a bloodstained note and a broken antique mirror.

    The Quality of Mercy
    A student Shakespeare is disrupted by a deadly drama when a cast member is killed. Apart from the jealous ensemble cast who can't even muster fake tears over the loss, there is an audience of suspects to consider.

    The Point of Vanishing
    The murder of a small-time criminal leads Lewis and Hathaway to a prominent Oxford celebrity atheist who years earlier had been the intended target of a botched murder attempt. Could these isolated incidents be connected?

    Season 3
    Counter Culture Blues
    Rock star Esme Ford who Lewis once admired isn't dead after all. But a teenage boy is, and there seems to be a connection to Ford's old band. Joanna Lumley (Absolutely Fabulous) guest stars.

    The Dead of Winter
    A body leads Lewis and Hathaway to an Oxford estate where Hathaway spent much of his youth. Nathaniel Parker (The Inspector Lynley Mysteries) guest stars.

    Dark Matter
    When an amateur astronomer is found dead at the foot of the observatory stairs, Lewis and Hathaway find that the finger of suspicion points at the staff.

    Your Sudden Death Question
    Lewis and Hathaway investigate the murder of a quiz competition contestant during a quiet summer holiday at an empty Oxford campus.

    Falling Darkness
    When two murders share a link with their own Doctor Hobson, Lewis and Hathaway try to clear her name. Rupert Graves (The Forsyte Saga) guest stars.

    Season 4
    Old, Unhappy, Far Off Things>
    A reunion at Oxford's remaining all-female college ends with the murder of a prominent student, which may be connected to a similar, decade-old case. Lewis and Hathaway must delve into the mystery of the college and its secrets to find the culprit. Juliet Stevenson (Place of Execution) co- stars.

    Wild Justice
    Lewis and Hathaway are called in to investigate the poisoning of a bishop, who they suspect was murdered for her progressive views. As their investigation continues, they uncover a twisted maze of motives and retribution. Co- starring Sian Phillips (I, Claudius).

    The Mind Has Mountains
    When a student is found dead during a clinical drug trial, the motives of an enigmatic professor are questioned. When a second death occurs, Lewis and Hathaway begin to suspect foul play, which the duo must uncover before another death occurs. Douglass Henshall (South Riding, Collision) co-stars.

    The Gift of Promise
    During an investigation of a brutal bludgeoning, what seems to be a blackmail plot gone wrong turns into a case much more dark and sinister. Co-starring Cherie Lunghi (Secret Diary of a Call Girl).

    Season 5
    The Soul of Genius
    When the body of an obsessive Oxford English professor is found, Lewis and Hathaway are set upon a seemingly impossible quest to uncover the truth. James Fleet (Little Dorrit) and Celia Imrie (Cranford) guest star.

    Generation of Vipers
    Suspicions abound as Lewis and Hathaway investigate the death of a lovelorn Oxford professor. Was her death caused by an embarrassing Internet leak, or something much more sinister? Toby Stephens (Jane Eyre) guest stars.

    Fearful Symmetry
    Lewis and Hathaway are drawn into a darker side of Oxford while investigating the murder of a suburban babysitter. Will the babysitter's secret life help the detectives unravel a tangled web of lies and deceit to find their killer?

    The Indelible Stain
    A controversial American academic is found strangled after a guest lecture at Oxford, leading Lewis and Hathaway to narrow down a list of motives that includes politics, ambition and vengeance, in order to find their culprit. David Soul (Starsky & Hutch) and David Calder (Bramwell) co-star.

    Season 6
    Episode 1
    When a psychic is found murdered, Inspector Lewis and D.S. Hathaway discover that the victim is really an Oxford psychology research fellow. As they probe further, the truth behind the psychic's double-life unravels, revealing numerous possible suspects.

    Episode 2
    With D.S. Hathaway on holiday, Inspector Lewis is assigned an awkward new partner to investigate the discovery of a recently embalmed body in a field. When the inquiry leads to a funeral home and those connected to it, a disturbing connection to Lewis’ missing former colleague, Superintendent Jack Cornish, comes into sharp relief.

    Episode 3
    Lewis and Hathaway are called in to examine the brutal death of a chemistry professor recently released from prison, which may be connected to the discovery of a murdered Oxford student reported lost for fifteen years. As more casualties and suspects emerge, Lewis considers his future on the force. Edward Fox (Gandhi, Foyle’s War) guest stars.. Cast
    Kevin Whately...DI Robert Lewis / ... (35 episodes, 2007-2014)
    Laurence Fox...DS James Hathaway / ... (35 episodes, 2007-2014)
    Clare Holman...Dr. Laura Hobson / ... (35 episodes, 2007-2014)
    Rebecca Front...Chief Superintendent Jean Innocent / ... (35 episodes, 2007-2014)