Good Neighbors: Series 1 - 3

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  • On Tom Good’s fortieth birthday, he decides to escape the rat race for a life of self-sufficiency with his wife, Barbara. Soon they’re plowing a field in their suburban yard and tending a goat and pigs, much to the dismay of their upwardly mobile neighbors and friends the Leadbetters. This series, known as The Good Life in the UK, enjoyed such popularity the queen requested a viewing, and as recently as this year it was listed as one of the top ten British sitcoms of all time. .

    Series 1 Episodes:

    Plow Your Own Furrow

    Say Little Hen…

    The Weaker Sex

    Pig’s Lib

    The Thing in the Cellar

    The Pagan Rite

    Backs to the Wall

    Series 2 Episodes:

    Just My Bill

    The Guru of Surbiton

    Mr. Fix-It

    The Day Peace Broke Out


    Home, Sweet Home

    Going to Pot?

    Silly, But It’s Fun (1977 Christmas Special)

    Series 3 Episodes:

    The Early Birds

    The Happy Event

    A Tug of the Forelock

    I Talk to the Trees

    The Windbreak War

    Whose Fleas Are These?

    The Last Posh Frock


    Richard Briers... Tom Good

    Felicity Kendal... Barbara Good

    Penelope Keith... Margo Leadbetter

    Paul Eddington... Jerry Leadbetter