George Gently: Series 5

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  • One of the few good men at Scotland Yard, George Gently (Tony® nominee Martin Shaw) relocates to Northumberland, takes on a headstrong sidekick (Lee Ingleby, The Street), and starts solving murders in a time of profound change: the swinging Sixties. Based on Alan Hunter’s novels, this hit BBC series has been compared to Foyle’s War and Midsomer Murders.Gently and Bacchus investigate the murder of a black teenager, the drowning of a young woman, and the kidnapping of an adopted baby. Four feature-length mysteries, 6 hrs..

    Former Scotland Yard detective George Gently (Tony-nominated Martin Shaw) has seen it all. Gently and his headstrong sidekick, John Bacchus (Lee Ingleby, The Street), confront racism, blackmail, deception, revenge-passions that lead to murder-and sometimes suspicion spills over to each other. Based on novels by Alan Hunter, four gripping dramas that keep you guessing.

    . Episode 1 Gently Northern Soul
    The murder of a black teenager has Gently and Bacchus seeking her killer in a community where racism is never far from the surface. The detectives encounter local prejudice and anti-immigrant sentiment but discover that there may have been other motivations for the crime.

    Episode 2 Gently with Class
    After a car turns up in a river with a drowned young woman in the passenger seat but no driver, the detectives follow the trail to the home of local aristocrats. Bacchus resents the family, and Gently suspects his sergeant may be crossing a line to get a conviction.

    Episode 3 The Lost Child
    When an adopted baby is snatched from her crib, suspicion initially falls on the birth mother, who may be having second thoughts about giving up her child. But after a ransom demand turns out to be blackmail, Gently turns his attentions closer to home.

    Episode 4 Gently in the Cathedral
    Upon his release from prison, a vicious career criminal from Gently’s London days seeks revenge on the detective. Allegations about the inspector start to fly and many people—Bacchus among them—are all too ready to believe the worst.

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