Food - Delicious Science

  • Delicious Science is the scientific story of your next meal. Dr. Michael Mosley and botanist James Wong celebrate the physics, chemistry, and biology hidden inside every bite. We Are What We Eat: Travel the world and step inside the UK’s leading food laboratory to deconstruct our favorite meals, going inside the food to the molecular level, revealing how the hidden chemistry in every mouthful of food keeps our bodies fit and healthy. A Matter Of Taste: Take a global culinary adventure to reveal the science that makes our food taste delicious and the powerful effect it has on our tongue and nose. Taste is far more than just being delicious–it’s a matter of survival. Food On The Brain: Discover how the chemistry in our food affects our brains and creates our deepest cravings. Learn about a whole new way of thinking about our relationship to the modern diet, and the wonderful effect it has on our minds.