Extreme Dinosaurs (2000)

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  • Extreme Dinosaurs (2000).

    BBC brings you a terrifying Dino Double Feature! If you thought T-Rex was the scariest dinosaur - think again. Paleontologist Dr Phillip Currie believes he has found a six-ton flesh- eating dinosaur that hunted its prey in packs. Until recently there was little evidence to support Currie's ideas. But that's all changed now he has two mass dinosaur graves on his hands. T-Rex's place as the scariest dinosaur comes into question again, in T-Rex: Warrior or Wimp? T-Rex has been known as the meanest, most bewitching dinosaur of them all. Children are captivated by the sheer savagery of its teeth. Experts marveled at the force of its bite: ten times more powerful than anything we know today. But could our picture of this monster be completely wrong? Was the T-Rex in fact a slow, lumbering creature with hideously bad breath? Was T-Rex, in fact, a wimp?