Enemy at the Door: Series 2

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  • Originally broadcast between 1978 and 1981, the period drama Enemy at the Door unfurled on the Isle of Guernsey during the German Occupation of World War II, and dealt with the delicate power struggle between the Channel Islanders and the presiding Nazis. Characters included the surprisingly genial S.S. offier Dieter Richter (Alfred Burke); his nasty, sadistic fellow officer Klaus Reinicke (Simon Cadell); local physician Philip Martell (Bernard Horsfall) and the leader of the local resistance, Clive Martel (Anthony Head). This set contains the complete Series Two of Enemy at the Door, with all thirteen episodes. This particular series takes place three years into World War II; Richter tries to establish positive relationships with the citizenry (despite the necessity of 'cracking down') but his efforts are thwarted by the imprisonment of Dr. Martel, which stirs up bad vibes among the populace. Meanwhile, Reinecke continually frustrates Richter with his overbearing attempts to curry favor in the Reichstag.. After Nazi Germany invades the British Channel Islands in the summer of 1940, occupiers and occupied settle into an uneasy coexistence. But when does cooperation become collaboration? What if passion meets restraint? Alfred Burke and Bernard Horsfall star in a gripping British drama series that explores the lives of civilians and soldiers alike.

    Three years into World War II, the German occupation of the Channel Islands continues. Guest stars in this much- requested British series include David Hayman (Waking the Dead). A superb 13- episode period drama as seen on PBS.

    . Disc 1
    Episode 1: Call of the Dead A new commander in chief is appointed to the Channel Islands, and trouble begins when Dr. Martel’s daughter, Clare, is arrested for trespassing in a prohibited zone. However, that’s the least of Clare’s problems.

    Episode 2: Reception for the General
    To Richter’s dismay, the new commander in chief insists on being received socially by the leading families of the island. Richter turns to a conflicted Olive Martel for help. Meanwhile, the activities of Captain Foster-Smythe threaten disaster for all.

    Episode 3: Angels That Soar Above
    Dr. Martel returns to the island after six months in a French prison. Richter hopes the doctor can ease relations between the soldiers and the islanders, but Martel has relations of a different sort to worry about.

    Episode 4: No Quarter Given
    German efforts to confiscate all privately owned radio sets raise tensions on the island. Foster-Smythe is determined to resist, declaring that any cooperation with the Germans amounts to collaboration. Soon, he has even more reason to resent the invaders.

    Disc 2
    Episode 5: Committee Man
    The German authorities and the islanders’ representatives have a problem—one that only Dr. Martel can solve, but he refuses to cooperate. However, an act of sabotage provides both sides with a way to get Martel to play along.

    Episode 6: Post Mortem Local landowner Peter Porteous returns to Guernsey after serving a prison term in France. In his eagerness to settle an old score, he again puts himself in the hands of the Germans, placing Dr. Martel in a moral dilemma.

    Episode 7: The Raid
    A small team of British commandos launches a raid on a nearby island. Once ashore, they learn that their operation has coincided with the arrival of a high-ranking delegation of German officers—and an opportunity to impact the outcome of the war.

    Disc 3
    Episode 8: Jealousy
    After a townsperson’s petty act, the Germans grow suspicious of the owners of a local tearoom and a young German soldier who frequents it. Coming after a deportation decree for all non-island-born residents, the action has consequences far beyond what was intended.

    Episode 9: War Game
    A chess tournament seems like a good way to restore some normalcy. However, once the occupiers decide to participate, the tournament becomes a matter of national pride. SS man Reinicke is prepared to go to any lengths to make sure Germany wins.

    Episode 10: The Right Blood
    The arrival of a senior SS officer on the island causes the opportunistic Reinicke to speculate about the reasons for his visit. But the officer’s mission is of a personal nature, prompting Richter to come to the defense of an islander’s rights.

    Disc 4
    Episode 11: From a View to a Death
    A Russian prisoner of war attacks a camp guard and flees into the countryside. The escape affects all who come into contact with the man, and prompts a race between Reinicke and Richter’s police chief to find him.

    Episode 12: The Education of Nils Borg
    A Swedish journalist arrives to report on the "model occupation" of the Channel Islands—and what the rest of Europe can expect under Nazi rule. The Germans strive to convey just the right image, but the islanders have a different picture to paint.

    Episode 13: Escape
    Peter Porteous decides he must return to England to aid the war effort. Meanwhile, a series of thefts at a nearby farm leads to a confrontation between the farmer and a German intruder. Porteous devises a way to help both himself and the accused farmer.. Alfred Burke... Major Richter / ... (26 episodes, 1978-1980)
    Bernard Horsfall... Dr. Philip Martel / ... (23 episodes, 1978-1980)
    Antonia Pemberton... Olive Martel (22 episodes, 1978- 1980)
    Simon Cadell... Sturmbannführer Reinicke / ... (21 episodes, 1978-1980)
    Simon Lack... Major Freidel (21 episodes, 1978-1980)
    John Malcolm... Oberleutnant Kluge (19 episodes, 1978- 1980)
    Richard Heffer... Peter Porteous (16 episodes, 1978- 1980)
    Emily Richard... Clare Martel (15 episodes, 1978-1980)