Doctor Who: The Happiness Patrol

  • Behind a forced exterior of happiness, a planet is ruled by a ruthless leader and an evil entity known only as the Candy Man who carries out bizarre and lethal experiments on the citizens. Can the Doctor and Ace uncover what is going on and put a stop to it before they too are captured?

    Episode 1

    The Happiness Patrol walk the streets of Terra Alpha, destroying all the
    killjoys, on the orders of the despotic Helen A. And in the Kandy
    Kitchen, something terrible lurks...

    Episode 2

    The Doctor escapes the Kandyman while Ace meets the Pipe People.
    Later, fleeing for her life, Ace is captured and selected to audition for
    the Happiness Patrol.

    Episode 3

    As the Doctor leads the Pipe People towards reclaiming their world,
    Helen A faces betrayal from those closest to her and the Kandyman
    comes to a sticky end.