Doctor Who: Shada

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  • Exclusive to Doctor Who Shop and based on the Series 7 episode Doctor Who Hide. The Doctor, Holographic Clara and 'Dematerialising' TARDIS! All exclusive to this set, the action figures and TARDIS are a brilliant tribute to the episode as well as a perfect addition to the Doctor Who Series 7 action figures.
    The Doctor and Clara arrive at a haunted mansion (Caliburn House) which stands alone on a desolate moor. Here they encounter the legendary ghost hunter Professor Alec Palmer and his gifted psychic assistant, Emma Grayling. Palmer is trying to contact a fabled spirit that haunts the house - the Witch of the Well. Much to Clara's apprehension, The Doctor can't help but offer their assistance!
    • Exclusive Eleventh Doctor action figure
    • Exclusive Hologram Interface Clara action figure
    • Exclusive Dematerialising TARDIS (Non Electronic)


    The Doctor, Romana and K-9 receive a message from an old friend – a retired Time Lord living as a college professor in Cambridge. He’s misplaced an ancient Gallifreyan artifact that could unlock the dark secrets of Shada – lost prison planet of the Time Lords – and unless they find it before the crazed scientist Skagra, every sentient being in the universe is doomed.