Doctor Who: Run You Clever Boy Ladies Collector's Watch

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  • Do you ever find yourself daydreaming and forgetting the time, then having to rush to get to class, that super-important meeting, or a pesky dental appointment? It happens to the best of us, but this fun new watch, which features Clara's time-tested advice to the Doctor, to "RUN YOU CLEVER BOY, AND REMEMBER"€ will surely jumpstart your memory next time you should be scurrying to catch your bus. In fact, you may not want to look away from its stylish design, which includes Gallifreyan text and matching pink hands that circle around a mini TARDIS, though we can't guarantee that the dreamlike blue and turquoise intergalactic scene won't have you daydreaming once again!

    . Plastic Band & Case, Water Resistant Construction. Battery: SR626SW