Doctor Who: Fifth Doctor's Celery Lapel Pin

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  • Even the best-dressed Doctor Who fan knows you need a little celery - I mean, civility - in your wardrobe! For the reserved and sensitive types, our Fifth Doctor’s Celery Pin is the perfect accessory. This officially licensed piece is a precise replica of the one worn by the Fifth Doctor and is just what you need to properly (and handsomely) scour the timestream with your close team of companions.

    Made from polythene and nylon, the Fifth Doctor’s Celery Pin is lead free, cadmium free, and completely free from boredom! Who says you can’t be clever and cool like a stalk of celery? Go ahead and complete your boyish charm like the dapper Edwardian Fifth Doctor from Gallifrey!

    Violence is not the answer, friends. Travel far, look civilized, and watch out for those Daleks!

    So, keep to your word and hop in the TARDIS and come pick up your Fifth Doctor’s Celery Pin today!

    Hypoallergenic, lead free, cadmium free polythene and nylon

    8” high

    Comes in gift box!