DCI Banks: Season 4 ONLY 3 REMAINING!

  • Three new murder mysteries ricochet through the Yorkshire territory of Detective Chief Inspector Alan Banks. Who killed a boy by arson and buried a young woman while she was still alive? Banks probes for treacherous links between crimes as he grieves his mother’s sudden death in What Will Survive. A contract killing, an illicit affair and blackmail implicate a loan shark in Buried. Or has he been framed? And in Ghosts, the fatal stabbing of a university student might have been a routine case if Detective Inspector Helen Morton’s ex-lover, an undercover cop, hadn'’t beaten up the primary suspect. Welcome back to the hit crime series starring Stephen Tompkinson (Wild at Heart, Ballykissangel), Andrea Lowe (The Tudors, Rescue Me) and Caroline Catz (Doc Martin, Murder in Suburbia).. What Will Survive- Part 1
    When the detective suffers a personal loss, he's forced to navigate a complex murder case while grieving. A young Estonian woman has been found dead, with the evidence suggesting she was buried alive. Piecing together her movements, the team uncovers a dark world of prostitution and drugs, and investigates her connection to a single father, his autistic son, and a family who seem to have silenced the town.

    What Will Survive- Part 2
    The officers are dismayed to learn the arson attack on the Osgoods' house has injured Michael and killed his son Robbie, and local bully Gary McCready is soon questioned. As the investigation into Katrin's murder continues, the body of an older man who died of natural causes is found buried near her grave, and when Banks suspects Jason McCready abducted missing Annika, he uncovers a shocking secret. Meanwhile, the detective gives a moving speech at his mother's funeral, and the ceremony brings him closer to his father.

    Buried - Part 1
    When the body of eminent lawyer Anaan Kamel is found washed up by an underground river, suspicion falls on Marcus Layton, a former employee of the victim's chambers who was recently fired by her husband Raheel. Text messages suggest an affair that had progressed to blackmail, but Banks and Morton struggle to find further information about Marcus, as his records only seem to date back five years. And when his corpse is found upstream in what looks to be a contract killing, the case becomes much more complicated.

    Buried - Part 2
    With Geoff now a marked man, he and daughter Evie are put under watch at a hotel while the search for Mullen is widened. However, when the suspect follows Evie's boyfriend to the location and sets off the fire alarm, he draws Geoff and Evie outside. Meanwhile, Banks believes loan shark Hargreaves is behind the hit on Marcus, and manages to extend his stay in the cell, despite having very little evidence against him. The conclusion of the two-part case, starring Stephen Tompkinson.

    Ghosts – Part 1
    When the body of student Josh Tate is found dumped in a ravine, the investigation into his stabbing uncovers a very different man to the quiet character described by his flatmate Spencer. It emerges that Josh was infatuated with Spencer's girlfriend and had been manufacturing Ecstasy for club owner Liam Fallon. Meanwhile, DI Morton's ex-lover Martin Hexton has arrived, claiming to be working on a local case. When Fallon comes under suspicion as Josh's murderer the detectives break into his flat and find him badly beaten - and to complicate matters, it looks as if Hexton is responsible.

    Ghosts – Part 2
    Morton works hard to win back Banks's approval and discovers Hexton is the biological father of murdered student Josh. The team traces the former undercover police officer to Gerald and Elaine Foster's house, but it's too late - Hexton has kidnapped lap-dancer Melanie. When his victim collapses, however, he takes her to hospital, where ex-lover Helen corners him and has him arrested. What will he reveal about Josh and Melanie, and the attack on club owner Liam?