Damian Lewis Double Feature

  • Damian Lewis Double Feature.

    Golden Globe and Emmy® award winning British actor Damian Lewis (The Forsyte Saga, Band of Brothers, Homeland) is featured in two of his early television appearances in this just-released double feature from the BBC. In Stephen Poliakoff's Friends and Crocodiles, Lewis plays a Gatsby-like developer and entrepreneur, whose relationship with his secretary parallels the ever- evolving business world of the '80s and '90s. And, of course, he has a pet crocodile. In the BBC's 2005 television adaptation of Shakespeare's classic comedy, Much Ado About Nothing, Lewis plays against Sarah Parish (Mistresses, Doctor Who) as embattled television co- anchors who really just don't like each other, despite their "history". The newsroom tension is palpable as the two are maneuvered into a renewed relationship by their friends and co- workers.