Dalziel & Pascoe: Season 9

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  • Dalziel & Pascoe: Season 9. The British crime solving odd couple of blunt-talking, politically incorrect Detective Superintendant Andy Dalziel (Warren Clark, Call the Midwife, Bleak House) and young, modern side-kick, Inspector Peter Pascoe (Colin Buchanan, Casualty, A Touch of Frost) have been entertaining British audiences for eleven seasons with their fiery brand of detective work. Four more 2-part murder mysteries take the duo from a private zoo where they unearth a possible organ- trafficking racket, to a community hospital where patients are dying and staff are being attacked. And crimes of passion and chance occurrences bring a past murder case back to haunt Dalziel. Episodes 1. Heads You Lose 2. Dead Meat 3. The Dig 4. Dust Thou Art . Episode List
    A Clubbable Woman
    Dalziel is forced to accept new recruit Sgt. Peter Pascoe as the pair team up for the very first time to investigate a serious murder case. Wetherton Rugby Club's golden boy, Sam Connon, wakes up after arriving at home with a hangover, to find his wife, Mary, dead in the armchair. Being vice president of the rugby club himself, Dalziel decides to ruffle a few feathers and find out who had enough of a motive to want to kill her. However, with the murder weapon nowhere to be found, evidence of the killer's involvement is rather thin on the ground. The discovery of hidden 'dirty' letters, discussion of naked foreplay at the bedroom window and the unearthing of the murder weapon during the search for a missing eight year old boy make for the final pieces of the puzzle. Does someone at the rugby club bear a terrible grudge against the couple – or is the true murderer closer to home?

    An Advancement of Learning
    Dalziel and Pascoe are thrown into university life when the body of a former university principal, Alison Girling, who supposedly died in a bus crash in Austria, is found underneath her own memorial statue in the university car park. Speaking to all of the staff who worked with Girling prior to her death, Dalziel struggles to make any headway until the body of Anita Sewell, a student accusing another staff member of sexual harassment, is found naked on a nearby golf course. Suspecting they may have a serial killer on their hands, the trail leads straight to the doorstep of the accused – Sam Fallowfield – only for the pair to find his house trashed and gay slurs written all over the wall. Suspecting the culprit is closer to home, Dalziel's anger blows its top when he arrives back at the university to find his temporary police HQ has been trashed by students. And then Fallowfield is found dead.

    An Autumn Shroud
    Having persuaded Pascoe to marry the long-suffering Ellie, Dalziel finds himself with the opportunity to whisk himself away on holiday while Pascoe is on honeymoon. But, as ever, events fail to go to plan when Dalziel's car breaks down and he finds himself amidst a river funeral procession. Invited to stay at the deceased's house by his attractive widow, Dalziel believes all his dreams have come true, until her son goes missing, the housekeeper ends up dead in Epping Forest and an insurance investigator with a tip-off about an insurance scam regarding the family's newest business venture ends up drowned in a nearby lake. Suspecting that the housekeeper was selling information to the tax man regarding the family's scams, Dalziel discovers that the deceased's accidental death at the hands of an electric drill - which allowed the family to claim for life insurance - was due to a heart attack.

    . Cast
    Warren Clarke...Det. Supt. Andy Dalziel (61 episodes, 1996-2007)
    Colin Buchanan...Det. Insp. Peter Pascoe / ... (61 episodes, 1996-2007)
    David Royle...Det. Sgt. Edgar Wield / ... (29 episodes, 1996- 2002)