Dalziel & Pascoe: Season 11

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  • The blunt-talking, politically incorrect Andy Dalziel once again pairs up with his younger, fasttracked sidekick, Peter Pascoe, for a crime-solving marriage of opportunities. Season eleven sees the endearing duo investigate more difficult cases including the 20-year-old murder of a woman whose mummified remains emerge from the water during a cave rescue operation, an inquiry which rocks their world to its core; and the death of an up and coming jockey at the race- track, which forces them to examine the dark underbelly of horse-racing in a rural setting that is anything but idyllic.. The blunt-talking, politically incorrect Andy Dalziel once again pairs up with his younger, fast-tracked side-kick, Peter Pascoe, for a crime-solving marriage of opportunities. Series Eleven sees the endearing duo investigate more difficult cases including the 20-year-old murder of a woman whose mummified remains emerge from the water during a cave rescue operation, an inquiry which rocks their world to its core; and the death of an up and coming jockey at the race- track, which forces them to examine the dark underbelly of horse-racing in a rural setting that is anything but idyllic.. 1. The Cave Woman
    When a woman’s mummified remains emerge from the water during a cave rescue operation, Dalziel and Pascoe embark upon a murder inquiry which rocks their world. Below ground, DC Parvez Lateef (Wayne Perrey) is leading a cave rescue when a corpse, carefully wrapped in plastic, emerges from the water. The ‘cave woman’ becomes big news locally, and Dalziel and Pascoe are called in to investigate. Across town, in a city street, Allan Vibert (Brendan Charleson) spies on his neighbour, Nerissa Barron (Christine Tremarco), who has locked herself out. Nerissa’s deaf brother, Charlie Barron (Joseph Mawle), arrives with her spare keys. Vanda Dewhurst (Jane Wood) comes to see Dalziel and Pascoe at Wetherton Police station. She thinks the ‘cave woman’ may be her sister, Lynn Barron, who went missing in 1985. Lynn’s ex-husband, John (Denis Lawson), is the Chief Constable of the Mid Yorkshire constabulary. Lynn disappeared when she was due at Barron’s house to visit their children, Nerissa and her deaf brother Charlie whom Lynn and John had adopted. The senior investigating officer at the time of Lynn’s disappearance was Iain Pyke (Reece Dinsdale), who is now John Barron’s Deputy. The main suspect in the original investigation was Eddie Summers, who died before he could be charged. Among other suspects is David Streeter, recently released from prison for a similar murder. While Charlie Barron is berated by his grandmother, Maisie (Sylvia Syms), for bringing nothing but trouble to the family. Nerissa Barron goes missing and it seems as if history might be repeating itself. Iain Pyke visits Nerissa’s neighbour, Vibert, and asks what he is doing back in Wetherton. The next day, Vibert is dead from a drug-overdose, and Nerissa is found unconscious in his bathroom. But Vibert is not who he claimed to be: he is actually Eddie Summers, the man originally suspected of Lynn Barron’s disappearance. Officially, he’s been dead for 20 years. What happened back then, and why? Despite treacherous conditions, Dalziel sends Lateef and a team back down into the caves to look for evidence. As they are overwhelmed by a torrent of water, those at the mouth of the caves are left to wait for news. Also guest-starring in this episode is Ralph Ineson (Finchy in The Office) as James Maddern, one of the Cave Rescue Team.

    2. Fallen Angel
    At Wetherton Races, jockey Sammy Hogarth (Marc Pickering) crosses the line first on Silver Soda, and Dalziel wins his £3,000 accumulator and the office sweepstake. That is until Hogarth collapses and dies on the line having suffered massive haemorrhaging. When it transpires that Hogarth has been poisoned with the blood-thinning drug Warfarin, Dalziel and Pascoe find themselves investigating the murder and the murky world of horse-racing. AtSwainbank’s racing stables, the detectives meet Hogarth’s boss,JeanSwainbank (Cheryl Campbell); her son-in-law Ken Lawson (Sean Wilson), with whom she runs the stables; and her pregnant daughter (Ken’s wife) Natalie (Emily Joyce). They also meet the head lad, Eddie Wilcox(Craig Kelly), who seems to terrorise stable hands Viktor Telepenko (Rad Kaim), Ben Culton (Steve Chaplin) and Kirsty Richards (Jodie Whittaker). Meanwhile, following her promotion to junior detective, Spicer learns about another stable girl,JulieAnn Henshaw (Rosamund Clare), who went missing from the stables more than a year ago. She was having a relationship with reformed bad-lad lottery winnerJake McNally (Andrew Tiernan), who happens to be Swainbank stables’ biggest client. With claims of race-fixing and a Swainbank jockey subsequently disobeying orders and winning a race on a horse that is put down soon after the race, Dalziel and Pascoe decide they need to speak to the vet, Drummond Sachs (Niall Buggy). When a plane being flown by Sachs crashes, with a new-born baby on board, the detectives wonder whether they will find the answers they need, or just added complications.

    3. Demons On Our Shoulders
    It’s Hallowe’en and, in a suburban home, Guy Hamilton (James Vaughan) shoots dead his wife,Jean (Laura Mortimer), in their bedroom before disappearing. When they don’t arrive at a dinner party, Charles and Sarah Johnson, the Hamiltons’ closest friends, go round to their house and discover the murder. When Dalziel and Pascoe visit the Hamiltons’ daughter, Katherine Taylor (Robyn Addison), and her husband Oliver (Paul Hilton), they discover it isn’t the first time Guy had murdered Jean. He killed her in exactly the same way on a television show, set up and staged by celebrated hypnotist and illusionist, Lee Knight (Richard E Grant). As they investigate, Dalziel and Pascoe discover that Guy and Jean were on the committee of a charity and were taking another committee member, Steven Burlow (Gerard Murphy), to Court to recover money he owed them. When they visit Burlow at his antiques shop, he’s acrimonious but denies any involvement in Jean’s death or Guy’s. When confronted by Dalziel and Pascoe, Lee Knight is shocked at the news ofJean’s murder but swears he de-programmed Guy after the show. Elsewhere, Katherine Taylor and her lover, David Sargent (the Hamilton family solicitor), perform ritualistic sex magic watched by her husband and another six people. When her horribly mutilated body is found, her eyes are gleaming like gold, one side of her torso is missing and a mysterious symbol is carved into her skin. When Dalziel and Pascoe speak with Lee Knight about Katherine, he’s filming a stunt and his girlfriend, Tamzin, gives him an alibi. When asked about the special liquid used in the stunt, which was found in Katherine’s lungs, Knight claims he’s being set up. The mark on Katherine’s skin is similar to something Dalziel and Pascoe saw at Burlow’s shop, and it’s there that they interrupt a magic ritual involving Burlow, the Johnsons and the Hamiltons’ relationship counsellor, Nash. As they find themselves drawn into the dark and dangerous world of the paranormal, Dalziel and Pascoe discover nothing and no one is what it seems.

    4. Project Aphrodite
    A car bomb explodes outside the home of Louise Roach (Barbara Marten). Across town at Mid Yorks University Biosciences Department, as someone releases lab rats from their cages, Louise’s son – brilliant PhD chemist Declan Roach (Jack Ryan), suffocates to death in a laboratory due to a liquid nitrogen leak. Pascoe is called to the scene and meets Ben Sharp (John Lightbody), the department’s IT (computer) man, who found the body. He says Declan was a political fire-brand, always protesting about something. A syringe filled with blood together with a threatening note is also found. The following day, Dalziel is back from a trip to Australia and joins the case. The blood turns out to be HIV positive. At a local pharmaceutical company, Eternus Biotech, Managing DirectorJoe Furst (Anthony Calf) meets volunteers trialling a new product, among them Grace Beck (Tracie Bennett) and Liz Reid (Angela Clerkin). Dalziel meets Declan’s parents, Louise and Kieran Roach (Dean Williamson), an Alzheimer’s sufferer, as well as neighbour Shane Coughlan (David Hounslow). Louise explains they have been targeted by animal rights campaigners because of Declan’s work. In Declan’s room, Dalziel finds a packet containing possible drugs plus a chemical formula. At the university, Pascoe meets administrator, Adam Bolt (Kevin Doyle), who confirms they have had trouble with animal rights activists. Meanwhile, Spicer talks to Layla Jadwin (Chipo Chung), colleague, friend and some-time lover of Declan’s, who tells her Declan had made a formal complaint and that Declan was working on a nanotechnology project which aimed to slow down the ageing process. Pascoe also bumps into a long-forgotten university friend, DrJune Gray (Teresa Banham), who works in the same field as Declan and Fran. Dalziel and Pascoe learn Declan was the public face of a pro-animal testing group, Science Saves, together with undergraduate student, Sam Wiseman (Jamie Harding), whom Declan was seen arguing with just before he died. Sam dismisses the argument: Declan is dead because they took a stand against hard-line animal rights group War on Testing. Dalziel and Pascoe discover Eternus paid Declan £20,000 shortly before he died.Joe tells them it was a golden handshake; Declan was coming to work for him. He shows them around the trial at Eternus – for a miracle cream that will restore lost youth, based on Fran Cunningham’s (Amelia Bullmore) research. Meanwhile, Fran starts to worry Grace is suffering a reaction to the product.Joe ignores her fears but she gets Layla and another PhD student, Matt Hurley (Branwell Donaghey), to re-test some of their results. Sam Wiseman is attacked. An email from Declan to Fran is uncovered, threatening to expose her about something. The Roaches’ home is set on fire and Kieran, trapped inside, dies. Pascoe goes to talk to Fran but she denies knowing what the email was about. As he leaves, someone pushes her to her death. Adam,Joe, Matt, Layla, Sam, Ben and undergraduate Aimee Hobbs (Michelle Dockery) could all possibly be guilty. Louise confesses to an affair with Shane and Dalziel. The hard drive goes missing from Fran’s computer. Fran turns out to have been the victim of an internet hate campaign. Grace falls ill at Eternus and Liz disappears. Dalziel and Pascoe discover that Liz is Aimee’s mother. Ben is found to be the perpetrator of the internet hate campaign against Fran. When Pascoe tries to apprehend Matt about accessing Declan’s email account, he flees. When they visit the house he shares with Layla, they discover evidence of a domestic crystal meth factory. Aimee finds Liz collapsed at a country hideout. At the hospital, she confesses to Dalziel and Pascoe that she and her mother were in cahoots with War on Testing. A vice recording is retrieved from Fran’s phone of a conversation between her and Layla where Layla demands Fran credit her for her role in her scientific research. Layla tries to kill Matt but falls to her own death in the process.

    5. Under Dark Stars
    Michael Wheeler, accused of murdering teenage boys, is found innocent on a technicality. Outside the courtroom, one of the murdered teenagers’ parents, Mark and Bridget Croft, blame Pascoe’s investigation for the failure to convict Wheeler. Dean Bennett, who testified against Wheeler, runs out of the Court and joins his girlfriend, Perdy. In nearby woods, mini-cab driver Kevin Jennings’ corpse is found with a blow to the head. His car is discovered at the side of a main road, as if he were about to change a tyre. Dalziel and Pascoe visit Kevin’s estranged wife Sandra and her drugged-up bruiser boyfriend, Gareth Bass. At Perdy’s digs, she asks Dean to run away with her to London, but he refuses. During the night, he is attacked and knocked unconscious. When he comes round, he and Perdy are both bound and gagged and locked in some kind of cell. Later, Perdy is dragged out of the cell and Dean hears her being violently beaten. The Crofts receive a (voice-disguised) phone call from someone claiming to be their son’s killer. Dalziel and Pascoe learn that Kevin Jennings’ body was moved in a white transit van. In interview, Sandra admits Bass had a fight with Kevin, but denies he owns a transit van. Dalziel tells Bass that Kevin was overheard threatening to shop him for dealing. Bass has no alibi for the time of the murder. The Crofts tell Pascoe about the phone call, sure it was from Wheeler. A trace is set up. When Caryn Bennett reports Dean missing, the detectives visit Wheeler, who denies any knowledge of this. Meanwhile, an unseen person drinks blood before vomiting. At a motorway service station, traveller Nan Seton spills Adam Norton’s drink. Later on, she hitches a ride in a white transit van. At the Crofts house, Pascoe encourages Bridget to speak to the anonymous caller, who reveals what her son said before he died. The calls are traced to a pay- as-you-go phone. Bridget Croft commits suicide and Mark Croft blames Pascoe, who feels unbearable guilt. Wheeler reveals himself as Dean’s kidnapper and beats him when he struggles. Nan Seton’s corpse is found in a canal with the same injuries as Kevin Jennings. She was bled. Kevin’s body is re-examined; so was he. Mark Croft kidnaps Michael Wheeler and takes him to a mechanics garage before summoning Pascoe. Mark tortures a confession out of Wheeler that he killed his son. Wheeler taunts Mark about his wife and son, and in a fit of madness, Mark stabs him. Wheeler’s dying words are “Dean Bennett”, which convinces Pascoe he was responsible for Dean’s disappearance. Pascoe decides to help Mark and tries to make Wheeler’s death look as if he’s been the victim of the same murderer as Kevin and Nan. Dalziel appears on a TV crime show about those murders. A member of staff at the service station responds to the show. CCTV footage shows Nan getting into a white transit van with National Auto Recovery (NAR) livery. Dalziel and Pascoe visit the NAR yard and meet administrator Martin Pearce, who tells them the driver of the van they are looking for is Adam Norton. After initially resisting arrest, Norton admits meeting Nan but denies her murder. Wheeler’s corpse turns up. At Wheeler’s house, Dalziel notices Pascoe find and pocket Mark Croft’s distinctive bracelet. He says nothing. They visit Mark who denies murdering Wheeler. Pascoe discreetly drops the bracelet into Mark’s sofa cushions. Mark receives another anonymous call (so Wheeler wasn’t making them). Wheeler’s autopsy reveals his murder isn’t the same as the others. Another victim of the NAR kidnapper escapes. Decoded, the voice on the anonymous phone calls turns out to be Perdy’s. Martin Pearce turns out to be the NAR killer, delusional and in need of blood due to acute Porphyria. Perdy agrees to exchange Dean for Mark Croft. At the designated drop, she’s not there – but Dean is. Back at his flat, Perdy tries to attack Mark, but Dalziel and Pascoe are waiting for her. She reveals that Wheeler had groomed her since childhood to act as his lure for young boys. Dalziel furiously hands Pascoe Mark Croft’s bracelet. He can’t believe Pascoe has been so stupid. But worse still, he feels utterly betrayed by him. . Starring Warren Clarke (Bleak House, Down To Earth), Colin Buchanan (Preston Front), Jennifer James (Coronation Street)