Dalziel & Pascoe: Season 10

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  • Dalziel & Pascoe: Season 10. Season Ten sees the endearing duo travel to Amsterdam for a European Police Conference. Over the next six days Dalziel's life is turned upside down. Finding himself on the wrong side of the law, he becomes the prime suspect for the murder of a young British singer. Pascoe is determined to carry out his own investigation, adamant his boss is innocent. But why are the Dutch officers so keen to ensure Dalziel is charged with murder? As the mystery unravels, it seems that the Dutch police have some dark secrets to hide... . Episode List
    Episode 1
    The death of powerful entrepreneur Pal Miclean brings Dalziel into contact with his ex-lover, Kay Miclean (Cherie Lunghi). Pal's son, Rob (Daniel Evans), believes his father's death to be the work of his stepmother and he will go to any lengths to prove it. But as the death toll rises, so do frustrations. There are no suspects and no leads. While Pascoe begins to uncover a story of family ties, love, betrayal, cover-ups and radioactive waste, Dalziel gets himself into deeper waters with the woman he used to love.

    Episode 2
    Wetherton Wanderers Football Club's celebrations for topping the Premiership are short-lived when their bus crashes into a train, with devastating results. Among the victims is club manager Martin Bendelow (Stephen Beckett). But his death isn't all it appears to be when a postmortem reveals the crash was no accident. As Dalziel (Warren Clarke) and Pascoe (Colin Buchanan) investigate, they learn there's more than one person with a motive for Martin's death. And soon some rather surprising skeletons start tumbling out of his family's closet. Guest stars also include Emma Atkins as Emily Bendelow, Elize du Toit as Abigail Stewart.

    Episode 3
    Dalziel (Warren Clarke) and Pascoe (Colin Buchanan) head to Amsterdam for a European Police Conference, only for their lives to be turned upside down when a young British singer is killed. Finding himself on the wrong side of the law, Dalziel becomes the prime suspect for the murder. Pascoe is left to carry out his own investigation with the help of DC Lateef (Wayne Perry) and WPC 'Posh' Spicer (Jennifer James). As the story unravels, the disappearance of a young Muslim British woman, the murder of a Sheffield Wednesday football fan, illegal diamond dealing and police corruption all become linked to the murder Guest stars include Louise Delamere as Tracey Baxter, Jeroen Krabbe as De Kuiper, and Michael French as Gary Lescott.

    Episode 4
    Wetherton's domestic bliss is rocked when housewife, Susan Goodman (Elaine Donnelly), is murdered while doing her weekly shopping. Lethal chemical, teltroxin, is the cause of death and Susan's demise is soon followed by that of Angela Veitch (Marjorie Yates). As the two victims lives are put under the spotlight, a link between them and a health retreat called Arcadia is discovered. Dalziel (Warren Clarke) and Pascoe (Colin Buchanan) head off to Arcadia, finding the slippery Brian Fairmile (Stephen Tompkinson) ruling the roost. When another guest at the retreat is killed, Dalziel and Pascoe discover more connections between the victims, large sums of money, and a mysterious Barbara Lennox. Could the person who sourced the lethal chemical be responsible for the deaths? Who exactly is Barbara? And when two people vanish, where have they gone and are they running in fear for their lives? Guest stars also include Sally Dexter as Pauline Parker, Christopher Fulford as Terry Parker, Bruno Langley as Jason Parker.

    Episode 5
    When a raid at a transit office in Wetherton results in the murder of one of the security guards, Dalziel (Warren Clarke) and Pascoe (Colin Buchanan) are called in to investigate. The dead man is linked to a local restaurant and a close-knit group of friends led by the charming smooth-talker Steve Pitt (Steve John Shepherd). The group, who met at university, are as tight knit as a family. But when Steve is killed, the ties are unpicked to reveal the most dysfunctional, incestuous family in Wetherton. And there's more than one person with a motive to kill Steve.

    . Cast
    Warren Clarke...Det. Supt. Andy Dalziel (61 episodes, 1996-2007)
    Colin Buchanan...Det. Insp. Peter Pascoe / ... (61 episodes, 1996-2007)
    David Royle...Det. Sgt. Edgar Wield / ... (29 episodes, 1996-2002)