Blue Planet II (Blu-ray)

  • This bold cinematic experience takes viewers on a magical adventure across the greatest, yet least known parts of our planet – our oceans. Since Blue Planet aired in 2001, our understanding of life beneath the waves has completely changed. Travelling from the icy polar seas to the vibrant blues of the coral atolls, Blue Planet II shares these astonishing new discoveries. Meet the strange octopuses lurking in the depths of the Antarctic ocean. Watch giant trevally fish leap to catch birds in mid-air. And ride on the back of a hammerhead shark as it attacks. Inspiring awe and wonder, this series reveals surprising new places, charismatic new characters and extraordinary new behaviours.

    One Ocean

    All life on Earth is at the mercy of the ocean and its ability to give life. It is our global lifesupport machine.

    The Deep

    How does life survive in the deep ocean where conditions get hostile? Here, life becomes increasingly extreme.

    Coral Reefs

    Crazy, colourful, vibrant. The reefs are like a mad metropolis. How do you get ahead in the most crowded place in the ocean?

    Big Blue

    The open ocean is like a vast marine desert. To survive here animals go to the extreme with epic feats of endurance and intelligence.

    Green Seas

    An enchanted world home to magical sea creatures. From towering forests to great plains of seagrass how do its creatures cope in this seasonal world of boom and bust?


    It’s a battleground. To survive on this front line between two very different worlds requires endurance and ingenuity.

    Our Blue Planet

    The ocean is changing fast. But is it too late to save it? In this companion film, dedicated scientists from around the world share their latest discoveries and reveal what future holds for our ocean.