Blandings: Series 1

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  • The Blandings: Series 1.

    Meet Clarence Threepwood, the 9th Earl of Emsworth (Timothy Spall, The King's Speech) and master of Blandings Castle, and his dysfunctional family. Set in one of the largest of England's stately homes, this clever series is based on stories by renowned British comedy writer, P.G. Wodehouse. All Clarence wants to do is be Lord of the Manor and spend quality time with The Empress of Blandings, his championship pig. But the chaotic household, starring Jennifer Saunders (Absolutely Fabulous) as his overbearing sister, Connie, and a host of friends, enemies, spongers and confidence men won't let him alone. Everybody wants something! Wodehouse's sparkling dialog sets the delightful tone. All 6 episodes from the first series.