Being Human: Season 3 (Blu-ray)

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  • While Annie the ghost waits in purgatory to learn her fate, her supernatural friends-Mitchell the vampire and werewolves George and Nina-settle into their new home in Wales, hoping for a fresh start at living normal lives. Brace yourself for out-of-this-world adventure when Mitchell decides to rescue Annie. All eight new episodes in the hit BBC series, starring Aidan Turner, Russell Tovey and Lenora Crichlow. Many extras.


    The original UK Being Human returns to DVD and Blu-ray for a third gripping season. Our supernatural heroes move to Wales to continue their quest to live like normal human beings and soon realize that it won’t be getting any easier...For starters, Annie is trapped in Purgatory and fears she will be condemned to Hell until Mitchell crosses into the Afterlife to save her. And George and Nina battle with challenges of their own when they conceive a baby while transformed as werewolves. Meanwhile, having committed the Box Tunnel massacre in season 2, Mitchell finds the net closing in on him from this world and the next. And with a prophecy that a werewolf will end his life, Mitchell feels hounded when George and Nina meet more of their kind. Not to mention the fact that old adversary Herrick has risen from the dead and is living in the attic...


    Disc 1: Episodes 1-3
    Disc 2: Episodes 4-6
    Disc 3: Episodes 7-8, special features

    . Aidan Turner, Russell Tovey, Lenora Crichlow