Ballykissangel: Series 6

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  • There's a sad goodbye and new arrivals in Ballykissangel. Quigley, the irrepressible entrepreneur has departed suddenly, but Australian priest, Father Vincent Sheahan, has joined the fold and is soon learning the ways of the villagers. From Dermot's online confessional (which is promptly stopped from a mysterious email from God!) to a surprise takeover at the pub, and further shenanigans with Liam and Donal, there's every reason to return to the idyllic village. Ballykissangel attracts audiences of up to 15 million in the UK.

    Includes all 8 episodes from Series 6:
    The Cat and Daddy
    Spirit Proof
    Paul Dooley Sleeps With The Fishes
    In A Jam
    Getting Better All The Time
    Smoke Signals