Agatha Christie's Marple, Series 6

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  • Proper, demure, sharp as a tack, Agatha Christie’s spinster sleuth is brilliantly portrayed by Julia McKenzie. She dons the trademark tweeds as if they were made for her; each is surrounded by lavish post-WWII period detail and stellar supporting casts.

    A Caribbean Mystery
    Greenshaw's Folly
    Endless Night. Disc 1
    Sent on an island vacation to relieve her rheumatism, Miss Marple isn't quite enjoying her stay at a posh hotel. After the sudden, suspicious death of a fellow guest piques her interest, she joins forces with a curmudgeonly tycoon to unravel a web of dark magic and deceit.

    Disc 2
    When a desperate young mother awakens Miss Marple in the middle of the night, the kindly sleuth helps her and her son find refuge at a nearby country house. It turns out the strange, labyrinthine building isn't the safest place after all, as bodies start piling up.

    Disc 3
    On a visit to a recently widowed friend, Miss Marple meets Mike Rogers, a handsome chauffeur with big dreams for his future and tragedy in his past. He marries the perfect girl, builds a beautiful home, and seems on track for the life he has always wanted. Then people start dying.

    Extras: Behind the Mystery of Endless Night . Julia McKenzie...Miss Marple
    Pippa Bennett-Warner...Victoria
    Charity Wakefield...Molly Kendall
    Robert Webb...Tim Kendall
    Warren Brown...Jackson
    Alastair Mackenzie...Colonel Hillingdon
    Hermione Norris...Evelyn Hillingdon
    Kimberley Nixon...Louisa Oxley
    Bobby Smalldridge...Archie Oxley
    Martin Compston...Alfred Pollock
    Vic Reeves...Cracken (as Jim Moir)
    Julia Sawalha...Mrs. Cresswell
    Tom Hughes...Mike Rogers
    Aneurin Barnard...Robbie Hayman
    Adam Wadsworth...Pete Hayman
    Joanna Vanderham...Ellie
    Wendy Craig...Marjorie Phillpot