Afterlife: Season 2

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  • As academic Robert (Andrew Lincoln, The Walking Dead ) continues to document Alison's psychic abilities, she accepts that the spirits she has seen since she was a child will never leave her. After nearly dying during a séance in which she was inhabited by the spirit of Robert's dead son, she determines that the dead should not dictate her life and she wants help the living. Robert, meanwhile, is in turmoil. Once a total skeptic, his beliefs have been shaken by what he witnessed at the seance and he now struggles to make sense of his life. But Alison's new found security is quickly shaken up by a terrifying presence: for the first time in her life she is being haunted by a spirit from her own past, a ghost she must learn to confront if she is to hold onto her sanity. . In the terrifying and emotional end to the first series, Alison collapsed and nearly died during a séance in which she was inhabited by the spirit of Robert’s dead son. Now on the road to recovery, Alison has to accept that the spirits she has seen since she was a child will never leave her.

    Determined that her life should not be dictated by the dead, she wants to use her gift to help the living, resolving relationships torn apart by death.

    Robert meanwhile is in turmoil. Once a total sceptic, his beliefs have been shaken by what he witnessed at the séance and he now struggles to make sense of his life. Desperate for answers he turns to Alison for help. But she is jolted out of her new found security by a terrifying presence.

    For the first time in her life Alison is being haunted by a spirit from her own past, a ghost she must learn to confront if she is to hold onto her sanity..
    Roadside Bouquets

    In the climax of Series One, Alison collapsed and nearly died during a séance in which she was inhabited by the spirit Robert’s dead son. Now recovering, Alison realises she will never be free from the spirits but sees that her life has a purpose – to help the dead resolve their problems with the living.

    Meanwhile, the scepticism that Robert always felt has been severely shaken by what he witnessed at the séance, and he is unable to reconcile what he saw with what he has always believed. Confused, he asks Alison for answers but she is still weak and can’t cope with Robert’s relentless demands for explanations about the afterlife.

    When Alison sees the ghost of a young woman at a road-side shrine marked by faded bunches of flowers, Robert is keen to go back to the site with her, desperate for any information about the spirits. Alison meets three young survivors of the same crash; they too have seen the spirit of the dead woman and Alison must help them understand the reason their dead friend won’t leave them alone.

    The Rat Man

    When a series of prison suicides seem to have a supernatural cause, Robert and Alison try to help. Among the inmates they meet serial murderer Ian Garland (David Threlfall – Shameless). He thinks he has found a kindred spirit in Alison and delights in telling her all about the Rat Man, the malevolent spirit who urges him to commit his horrendous crimes. Realising that Garland is responsible for the evil presence in the prison, Alison tries to rid him of the Rat Man, to help the spirit pass over and leave the prisoners in peace. But as she does so, Alison places herself in danger as she is visited first by Garland’s pitiful victims and then by the terrifying Rat Man himself.

    Martin (Aidan McArdle – Perfect Day) is worried about his baby son. While his wife Ruth (Zoe Telford – Absolute Power) is out at work, Martin stays at home looking after him. But he has started to hear a disembodied voice over the baby monitor, a sinister presence whispering nursery rhymes to his child. Risking his wife’s ridicule, Martin contacts Alison for help. She identifies a malign spirit, but when Ruth finds out a medium has been in her home she is furious. Ignoring Alison’s advice to take her baby away from the house, Ruth is convinced that both Alison and her husband are mad. Martin starts to crack under the strain, leaving his baby ever more vulnerable.

    Back at Alison’s house, Robert witnesses her increasingly odd behaviour which is beginning to border on the obsessional. When he questions her, Alison reluctantly reveals that she is being haunted by the spirit of her mother who died in a psychiatric institution when she was a child.

    Robert wants to help Alison, but he has mounting problems of his own. He and his ex-wife Jude (Anna Wilson-Jones – Monarch of the Glen) spent the night together for the first time in several years and he realises his feelings towards her have never gone away. Just as he is wondering how to handle this unexpected development, his life is thrown into chaos. He learns that he has an inoperable brain tumour and may have only weeks left to live.

    Your Hand in Mine
    Jonathan (Liam Cunningham – A Love Divided) is worried when his fiancée Lucy (Julie Graham – William and Mary) begins to suffer from a mysterious skin disease. As her symptoms worsen, he recognises it as the same illness that killed his first wife. When doctors cannot provide a diagnosis Jonathan searches out Alison, desperate to avoid Lucy dying the same painful death.

    Alison senses that Lucy is being possessed by the spirit of Jonathan’s first wife but Robert is unconvinced. Since the diagnosis of his terminal brain tumour he has retrenched into his former scepticism, unable to believe in any possibility of life after death.

    Unaware of his tumour, Alison is confused by Robert’s sudden scepticism, and they row over the best way to help. But as Lucy’s condition deteriorates, Alison struggles with a spirit of her own – the ghost of her dead mother who is beginning to take over her life.

    Post-graduate student Gemma is still mourning her friend Beth who died when an intruder broke into their flat. She asks Alison to help her talk to her friend, but after Alison makes contact a more sinister and unexpected figure begins to haunt Gemma – the ghost of Beth’s attacker.

    As the spirit pursues Gemma, Alison tries to help. But Gemma’s behaviour grows more and more disturbed as she develops a bizarrely sexual relationship with the spirit, and Alison begins to suspect that Gemma knows more about her pursuer than she is letting on.

    Robert’s illness has forced him to focus on how best to spend the time he has left. He is determined to help Alison, who is starting to exhibit the same irrational behaviour that her mother did at the height of her madness. But when he tries to confront Alison she shuts him out, refusing to reveal any details of her mother’s past.

    Robert cannot bring himself to tell Alison about his condition, but he feels he can no longer hide the truth from Jude. He has no idea how she will react when she finds out what she thought was the start of a new relationship is really the beginning of the end.

    Mind the Bugs Don’t Bite
    Alison has now completely given in to her mother’s spirit. No longer having the strength to fight against it, she is re-enacting the same madness her mother experienced before her death and is on the verge of a complete breakdown.

    Knowing that Alison hasn’t seen her father since she was ten years old – the age she was when her mother died and when she began to see the spirits – Robert tracks down Alison’s father (Kenneth Cranham – Rome), believing that he holds the key to understanding why she thinks her mother is coming back to haunt her.

    During the course of one stormy night, Alison, her father and Robert come together under one roof to face the past. There, the secrets of Alison’s childhood, and the awful truth about how her mother died, are finally revealed.

    Things Forgotten
    Having helped Alison confront her past, Robert is now able to make the final preparations for his own death. He calmly sets his affairs in order, but there is still one person who doesn't know about his tumour - Alison.

    Since laying her mother's ghost to rest, Alison is experiencing a new sort of peace - she hasn't sensed any spirits at all. So when sixteen-year-old Harry comes to her for help, she is not sure what use she will be. He is being pursued by the spirit of a young boy who appears to him in Alison's house. But as he points towards the corner of the room where the ghost is standing, Alison sees nothing.

    Alison begins to worry about her role in life - take away her ability to communicate with the dead and what does she have left? Having always craved a normal life, she now begins to mourn the absence of the spirits and becomes desperate to make contact with the dead.

    Robert is determined to tell Alison about his tumour and sets off to break the news to her. When he arrives at her house, Alison thinks Robert is behaving strangely, especially when he appears to leave in mid-conversation. When Alison sees that the door is still bolted firmly shut, she realises the figure she was just talking to must have been Robert's spirit.

    A Name Written in Water
    Alison is trying to recover from the trauma of the night before, when she believes she was visited by Robert's sprit. Assuming he must be dead and feeling increasingly desperate for information, she tries to track him down and ends up at the local hospital.

    There, Alison discovers that Robert has collapsed and is in the intensive care unit, his heart having stopped momentarily the night before, precisely at the time she was visited by his spirit. She is stunned to learn that he has been suffering from a brain tumour, and when she finally sees Robert he is in a coma, hooked up to a bank of machines, with his wife Jude at his side. Alison backs away desperate, helpless, and very much alone.

    As she walks through the deserted corridors of the hospital Alison sees the figure of the Night Nurse, a ghostly messenger of death who accompanies the dying on their journey from life. Desperate not to lose Robert, she confronts the doctors who are talking to Jude about the possibility of having to switch off Robert's life support. Pitching her spiritual standpoint against the medical orthodoxy, she tells Jude that if Robert were dead in spirit, she would know. United in their desperation to keep Robert with them the two women form an uneasy alliance, holding a joint vigil at Robert's bedside.

    After Jude has gone, the Night Nurse appears at Robert's side as if she has now come to take him away. In a desperate and final attempt to save Robert, Alison offers her own life in place of his.. Lesley Sharp... Alison Mundy (14 episodes, 2005-2006)
    Andrew Lincoln... Robert Bridge (14 episodes, 2005-2006)
    Kate Duchêne... Barbara Sinyard (13 episodes, 2005-2006)
    Anna Wilson-Jones... Jude Bridge (13 episodes, 2005-2006)
    Joshua David-Kennedy... Josh Bridge (5 episodes, 2005)
    Sandy Welch... Clive Gilman (2 episodes, 2005)
    Amanda Lawrence... Alison's mother / ... (2 episodes, 2006)
    Adrian Lester... D.I. Felix George (1 episode, 2005)
    Kevin Doyle... Ray Tufnell (1 episode, 2005)
    Cara Horgan ... Veronica Vass (1 episode, 2005)
    Saskia Reeves... Sheila Rabey (1 episode, 2005)
    Clare Cathcart... Liz Tufnell (1 episode, 2005)
    Rhian Grundy... Jen (1 episode, 2005)
    Nicholas Shaw... Daniel Rabey (1 episode, 2005)
    Joe Anderson... Phil (1 episode, 2005)
    Steven Elder... Chris Rabey (1 episode, 2005)
    Ellen Howard... Carly Tufnell (1 episode, 2005)
    Rasmus Hardiker... James (1 episode, 2005)
    Joanna Horton... Frankie Johnson (1 episode, 2005)
    Julie Hoult... Young Mum (1 episode, 2005)